Why Replacing Any Lost, Chipped, or Damaged Teeth is So Important

A single lost tooth, or several lost teeth, can have a serious impact on your overall life. Even if the missing teeth are in the back of your mouth and you don’t think much about them, their absence can still create problems. At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we help each one of our patients achieve a healthy mouth and smile. Our professional staff is experienced in all forms of dental procedures, and we always make sure that our patients feel safe and comfortable in our practice.

There are three reasons why it’s so important to replace lost or damaged teeth.

1. Lost teeth affect your gum line and your jaw bone.

Even if you don’t realize it right away, lost teeth can slowly affect your entire gum line, as well as your jaw bone. Losing a tooth disrupts the interplay between your bone and your teeth. Losing a tooth causes the bone to lose stimulation, which in turn creates shrinkage in the jaw bone and receding of the gum line. Eventually, this can weaken your surrounding teeth and actually cause them to fall out. If you are missing a tooth and need to find the right place for family dentistry in Bala Cynwyd, PA, then call Wynnewood Dental Arts and find out how we can help.

2. Lost teeth change your appearance.

Missing a tooth can affect your self-esteem. It can cause your face to look older than it actually is. The reduction in your jaw bone can cause your face to look shrunken, and it can also make your cheeks appear more hollow. This happens because the skin is no longer able to stabilize your lips and your cheeks. It might sound hard to believe, but it’s true. At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we can help you achieve the healthy smile that you deserve.

3. Lost teeth make life difficult.

In the beginning, a lost tooth might not seem like a big deal. However, over time it can actually impact your entire life. Missing teeth cause people to avoid certain foods which can become frustrating over time. People with missing teeth are often self-conscious about laughing or smiling, as well. This can have long-term psychological effects over time. With the help of modern dental restorations offered by Wynnewood Dental Arts, your missing teeth no longer need to be an issue. For a reliable, professional practice that offers family dentistry in Wynnewood, PA, call Wynnewood Dental Arts and schedule an appointment that will get your smile shining in no time.

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Why Regular Dental Visits Are So Important

Have you been getting your teeth checked up on a regular schedule? If you’ve been a little lax in seeing your dentist, you may be putting your smile at serious risk! Regular dental checkups at your trusted family dentistry service near Bala Cynwyd, PA helps you to catch dental issues before they can do irreparable damage to both your teeth and your health. Though not many people look forward to going to the dentist every six months, this is one appointment that you just don’t want to skip.
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Follow These at Home Tips for a Happy, Healthy Smile

It’s essential to visit your dentist regularly, which for most people is twice a year. Equally as important is how you take care of your teeth outside of the dentist chair. Not only should we be caring for our teeth for aesthetic purposes, but it’s critical to our overall health and to avoid serious health risks.

Wynnewood Dental Arts, a family dentistry near Bala Cynwyd, PA, recommends a consistent oral care routine in between trips to the dentist. In fact, these at home tips will keep your smile happy and healthy all year long.

Use the Right Tools – Good oral hygiene goes beyond brushing your teeth twice a day. Consider purchasing a dental care kit that comes with a toothpick, mouth mirror, tartar scraper, and plaque remover. Utilizing these tools will not only remove trapped food from between teeth, but it will also aid in removing plaque buildup.

Floss Floss Floss – Floss, just like a toothpick and plaque scraper, will remove germs and food particles from between the teeth, dramatically reducing the likelihood of cavities. There is also a risk of gum disease without properly flossing on a daily basis. You will need around 18 inches of floss to effectively floss up and down each tooth, as well as around the base.

Avoid Sugary Drinks – Not only does consuming soda, alcohol, and sugary drinks discolor your teeth, but it also runs the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Swap these beverages for water, or fruit infused water. Milk is also a good choice because it helps strengthen the teeth and their enamel.

Fight Bruxism with a Mouth guard – Bruxism is a serious condition. An individual continually grinds his or her teeth throughout the night causing headaches, muscle soreness, and possibly broken teeth. Without a mouth guard, the grinding of teeth will result in total tooth restoration. Purchasing a mouth guard is extremely affordable and saves you from costly dental bills involving broken teeth.

When you follow a strict dental care plan at home, our job at Wynnewood becomes easier and saves our patients from cavities and other painful dental issues. However, some pains cannot be avoided and Wynnewood Dental Arts offers emergency dentistry services in Philadelphia for toothaches, broken teeth, jaw injuries, amongst many more dental ailments.
To make an appointment or if you have a dental emergency, please give us a call 610-228-4452.

4 Leading Causes of Frequent Toothaches

More times than not, toothaches cause an unbearable pain that leads us to the dentist for some quick relief. There are several underlying causes of toothaches including exposed dentin, tooth decay, nerve damage, tooth abscess amongst much more.

Wynnewood Dental Arts, a family dentistry located near Bala Cynwyd, PA, is here to inform its patients why they might be suffering from frequent toothaches, and what’s causing them.

Incorrect Flossing and Brushing

Many people don’t realize that when they brush their teeth, they might be brushing a little too hard. When we brush too hard, it causes your gums to bleed and diminish over time, resulting in unstable teeth. Consider using a soft bristle toothbrush for a less harsh impact on your teeth and keep the toothaches at bay.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, or Bruxism is a leading cause of tooth, jaw, neck and muscle pain. The tricky thing about teeth grinding is it usually happens at night, so we may be confused why we wake up in such pain. To avoid chipping teeth, headaches and jaw pain, contact your dentist for a custom mouthguard to wear while you sleep.

Hot/Cold Sensitivity

Sensitivity to hot and cold food often means that your teeth enamel has worn down and the tooth’s dentin is exposed. Dentin is the layer where a tooth’s nerves lie. Not being able to enjoy your favorite soup or ice cream cone is the worst, isn’t it? We suggest using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Your dentist will be able to provide excellent recommendations, and you’ll be eating ice cream in no time!

Tooth Abscess

Often a pulsating pain shooting in all directions of the infected tooth, a tooth abscess is a severe toothache. A buildup of pressure forms inside the tooth and needs to be treated right away. If an abscess is not treated, the infection will spread to other teeth and damage the bone. Our advice is to see a dentist immediately if you think you might have a tooth abscess. The sooner it’s treated, the less likely you will develop serious health problems.

If you find yourself with a toothache, it could be from any of the above causes, all of which need attention immediately. Wynnewood Dental Arts provides emergency dentistry services near Philadelphia to help patients get relief fast! Call 610-228-4452 today to schedule an appointment.

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