For People Who Hate Wearing Dentures- Philadelphia Implant Dentist to help

Which is worse: living without teeth or wearing dentures? If you hate wearing dentures, that question may make you think twice. Before you answer, consider the new dentures – implant retained dentures.

Problems with Dentures

In the past, people who lost all or most of their teeth had only one option for replacement, and that was dentures. Because dentures are made to fit on top of the gums, they can slip and slide. Furthermore, the longer a person wears dentures, the smoother his gums become. This only makes slippage more of a problem. Another common complaint is that dentures require extensive care. They must be removed, cleaned, rinsed, soaked, and relined. Real teeth don’t require that much care!

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Dental Emergencies in Wynnewood

Summertime: a season for beach trips, relaxation, and barbeques. Don’t risk ruining your summer fun with a dental injury that could have easily been avoided. Your Wynnewood family dentist understands that accidents do happen, and we want you to know, we’re here when you need us – even in a dental emergency.

First Response for an Oral Injury

When you experience a dental emergency, call Dr. DeFinnis as soon as possible for an appointment. For accidents occur when you aren’t near a phone, be prepared by learning these tips. They could tide you over until you can see Dr. DeFinnis.

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Lighten Up Your Smile For Summer in Wynnewood, PA

With summer quickly approaching, there is so much to think about. Kids are being let out of school, families are planning trips to the beach, and the warm weather is making everyone smile. But what if your smile is not as white as you had hoped? If that’s the case, Dr. DeFinnis of Wynnewood Dental Arts is here to offer some solutions that will have your teeth looking bright white in no time.

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Early Childhood Dental Health, Part 2

Last month was National Children’s Dental Health Month. In a previous blog about children’s dental health, we discussed the importance of dental health during the teething phase; today’s blog will continue a discussion of children’s oral health, including their first visit to Wynnewood Dental Arts.

Providing Exceptional Dental Care for Children

Because we know that parents of toddlers in Wynnewood have options for their children’s dental health, we provide exceptional dental services that cater directly to children and families. Our dental office is prepared to help your child feel welcome, comfortable, and enthusiastic about visiting Dr. DeFinnis.
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Protect Your Smile this Valentine’s Day

Back in December, we discussed healthy and harmful holiday treats. Today, with Valentine’s Day just days away, Wynnewood dentist Dr. Thomas DeFinnis wants to do the same thing, and some of the information might surprise you.

Popular Valentine’s Day Treats

As you very well know, sugar is the number one enemy of your teeth, and Valentine’s Day—with all of the candy, chocolate, cupcakes, cookies, and sweet confections that come along with it—may seem second only to Halloween when it comes to damaging your dental health.

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Common General Dental Problems Treated by Your Wynnewood Dentist

As a comprehensive care dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis treats patients of all ages with a variety of needs. For patients with oral health conditions, preventive dental care needs, and cosmetic and restorative desires, Dr. DeFinnis has created beautiful, healthy, and fully functional smiles for patients from Wynnewood and the surrounding areas.

Common Dental Problems

Still, Dr. DeFinnis finds himself treating certain dental conditions more than others and, most of the time, these problems fall under the categories of general and preventive dentistry.
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Avoid the Movie Munchies

Americans eat an average of 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year. It may be your favorite movie snack, but it’s not Dr. DeFinnis’ top pick for your smile. As you curl up in front of the TV for National Popcorn Day on January 19, remember to munch carefully.

Popping Your Dental Health

Popcorn is often coated with butter and salt to increase its taste. The bacteria in your mouth will feed off the sticky butter and powdery salt and cause decay. The coating may also rub off the popcorn and stick to your teeth, but its light color will make it difficult to see and remove. Additionally, popcorn can get stuck between your teeth. This can be uncomfortable, and if not removed, it may cause infection, swelling, and pain. When you pop a bag of popcorn, you’ve probably noticed a few unpopped kernels left at the bottom of the bag. Accidentally biting down on a kernel could crack a tooth.
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Which of These Holiday Treats Would Your Dentist Eat?


Fruitcake with crumbs

Holidays are always a time to indulge in “comfort foods,” most of which are loaded with fat, calories, and sugar. While a little comfort now and then is perfectly fine, your waistline and your wallet will thank you for limiting your indulgence this holiday season. When you’re deciding which holiday favorites to eat, consider how each of these will affect your teeth:


This traditional holiday treat is incredibly polarizing—people either love it or hate it. If you’re a fan of fruitcake, be aware that it owes its moist, dense nature to an awful lot of sugar and butter. Stay away from the store-bought “doorstop” this year and make your own fruitcake at home.
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Does Your Dentist Approve of Coffee?

Latest Buzz About Coffee

Researchers have found that coffee is actually good for you, contradicting over 19,000 previous studies about the negative side effects of coffee. Certain methods of brewing coffee, such as French press or Scandinavian boiling, which increase LDL (bad cholesterol), are not included in the study.

When brewed the American way, however, coffee has a cavity-fighting compound that also has antioxidants beneficial to overall health. Just two cups of coffee a day significantly reduce the risk of cavities, colon cancer, gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver, and Parkinson’s disease. Two cups of coffee daily also improves mood and relieves headaches.  Although coffee isn’t a method for disease and cavity prevention, it can significantly reduce the risk when combined with other preventive methods.
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