Eat These Foods to Improve Your Smile

You may already know about the foods that are harmful for your teeth like coffee, red wine, and tea which stain your teeth, sweets and snacks that cause cavities, and acidic fruits that wear away enamel. Wynnewood dentist, Dr. DeFinnis will discuss the other end of the spectrum, nutrition that is beneficial for your dental health.

Teeth Whitening with Fruit

Strawberry season is close at hand. You can use this summer as an opportunity to try a home remedy for teeth staining. Crush fresh strawberries into a paste and smear it over your teeth. Wait a few minutes before rinsing away the paste. Strawberries are able to remove some light staining because they contain malic acid. This acid give strawberries their tart taste. When in excess, malic acid may make foods taste sour, or irritate your mouth, so do not use this teeth whitening trick too often.

Foods that Prevent Bad Breath

Imagine a juicy, bright green apple being cut in half with the juice running down the knife and that slight crunchy sound. Even just visualizing an apple, pineapple, or orange may make your mouth water. In fact, these fruits promote saliva production in your mouth. Saliva keeps your mouth healthy by rinsing away bacteria, food particles stuck between your teeth, and dead cells. Without adequate saliva, your mouth feels dry and stale. This is why sufferers of xerostomia, or chronic dry mouth, may experience frequent bad breath.

Protecting Your Enamel with Vegetables and Mushrooms

Broccoli not only provides essential antioxidants which can prevent cancer, but this vegetable also helps improve oral health. By creating an acid resisting film, broccoli helps prevent enamel erosion and tooth decay. In a recent Brazilian lab study, researchers determined that broccoli reduced the harmful effects of soda in the majority of participant’s teeth.

Exceptional Dental Care in Wynnewood

At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we encourage our patients to eat healthy and care for their smiles by scheduling dental checkups and cleanings in Wynnewood every six months. To schedule an appointment with Dr. DeFinnis, contact our family-friendly dentist office at (610)228-4452.

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