Healthy Dental Habits to Make Your Body Well: A Quiz from Your Wynnewood Dentist

Have you heard the often used phrase, “sick and tired”? When you are sick, you may feel too tired to care about every day personal care habits including brushing and flossing your teeth. If you knew that skipping your oral care might keep you in bed longer, would you muster up enough energy to brush and floss? Wynnewood dentist Dr. DeFinnis presents a quiz on dental habits and how they might affect your health during an illness.

Healthy Habits Quiz

Try our quiz on dental habits while you’re sick to find out if you are helping yourself on a path to getting better.

True or False: When you are sick, brushing your teeth spreads bacteria in your mouth, increasing your chances of staying sick.

Answer: False. Bacteria that makes you ill has attached to your tooth surfaces. Brushing removes the bacteria, helping you to improve your health more quickly. If you brush at least 30 seconds in each quarter of your mouth and carefully scrub each tooth surface, you will remove the most bacteria. Remember to throw away the toothbrush or toothbrush head on a motorized brush, and replace it with a new one when you recover.

True or False: If you share a bathroom with someone who may be sick, store your toothbrush away from theirs.

Answer: True. Your toothbrush may be touched by a family member or roommate’s toothbrush if they are stored near each other. Cold, flu, and strep germs, for example, might transferred by brushes touching or by liquid splashing from one to the other. To be safe, store your brush in a location which cannot be touched or splashed by someone else’s brush.

True or False: When you have a virus or other contagious illness, you should not take any special care with dentures, oral appliances, or retainers.

Answer: False. Before handling any appliance that goes into your mouth, wash your hands thoroughly to remove germs. Also, keep clean the cases and surfaces that the appliances will touch. Otherwise, you will transfer the germs or bacteria to the appliance and into your mouth.

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