Dental Crowns in Wynnewood, PA

If your teeth are discolored, worn, or misshapen, among other issues, you may benefit from dental crowns in Wynnewood, PA. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped custom-made restoration that fits over a tooth to restore its function and appearance. Dental crowns near you are made from different materials, including metal alloys, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, zirconia, stainless steel, and composite resin. The material of choice depends on the needs and preferences of the patient.

If you’re considering getting crowns to fix your dental issues, we welcome you to Wynnewood Dental Arts, a leading and trusted provider of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Problems Treated via Dental Crowns

Our dentist may recommend dental crowns if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • Your teeth are severely stained and discolored. Where teeth whitening isn’t effective, crowns may be the better alternative.
  • You need dental implants to replace lost teeth. Dental crowns are used to cap the implants for a complete look.
  • You need dental bridges. Dental bridges consist of pontic teeth supported by adjacent teeth via dental crowns.
  • To cover a tooth filling, in cases where the tooth structure is severely damaged by decay.
  • To cover a misshapen tooth.
  • To cover worn teeth.

Dr. Thomas DeFinnis works tirelessly to understand and address all your unique needs. With experience spanning decades, you can be sure that our tooth crown near you is well-positioned to deliver the smile transformation you want.

What to Expect From Dental Crowns

Our dentist starts by creating a personalized treatment plan informed by your unique needs and treatment expectations. Dr. Thomas DeFinnis undertakes any necessary pre-requisite treatments before getting started on the dental crowns. For instance, if you have severely decayed or damaged teeth, you may need extraction first. This may be followed by dental implant surgery and, finally, the placement of the dental crowns.

To make dental crowns, the dentist first reshapes your teeth (if the crowns will be attached to existing teeth) and then takes your dental impressions. These impressions inform the creation of custom, well-fitting dental crowns that are permanently attached to your teeth or an implant.

Dental crowns restore your ability to chew and smile with confidence and are the new lease of life that your smile needs.

Are you nearly ready to give up on your decayed, discolored, worn, or misshapen teeth? Not so fast! At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we can renew your smile using custom dental crowns. Contact our Wynnewood, PA team today to book a visit with our dentist.

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