The Tooth Fairy Is Real! (Kind Of)

Waking up without a tooth can be scary, until you notice the five dollar bill under your pillow. (Thanks, Tooth Fairy!)

If incentivizing a child’s dental care can drastically improve their experience, why do we only do it to baby teeth? Although implementing a pay-per-brush structure in your home is highly impractical, there are ways to encourage better oral hygiene. Rewards are not always monetary; they can be emotional too. This is why Wynnewood Dental Arts has revolutionized the stigma attached to visiting a dentist. Improving a patient’s experience leads to less resistance well scheduling future appointments.

-Less stress equals more check-ups.
-More check-ups equal fewer cavities.
Fewer cavities equal pain-free pearly whites,
Which lead to happy patients, which lead to
contagious smiles.

 The goal then becomes to have patients look forward to their next appointment instead of dreading it. We have been implementing sedation dentistry near Plymouth Meeting, PA for over a decade and a half. It works. It actually works.

Things you should know about sedation dentistry:

  • It’s Safe:  Generally patients are conscious the entire time. For routine procedures, dentists provide medication to numb the pain and ease the stress. For invasive, less-common procedures the dentist may utilize general anesthesia if the patient prefers to be asleep. The patient and doctor always go over all of the options and then agree on which method would be preferred by the patient.

  • It’s Quick:  The medication that causes the drowsiness is quick acting and wears off relatively soon after the procedure.
  • It’s Pain-Free:  Patients who benefit most are people who have a low pain threshold. This is also helpful for people with a gag reflex or who cannot sit still.
  • It’s Science:  All doses are catered to the individual patient. The dentist always factors age, weight, and health into the factor when determining if/how to treat the patient.  Patients who are obese or suffer from sleep apnea should talk to their doctor before agreeing to undergo sedation. The American Dental Association has clear guidelines that dentists abide by.

Although the fear of the dentist may never completely be a thing of the past, dentist-related-anxiety is becoming less prevalent with patients who have utilized sleep dentistry in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Knowledge is power. Research the methods. Weigh out the pros and cons. If you think this service could be right for you, feel free to contact Wynnewood Dental Arts at 610-228-4452 or via email at [email protected].

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