3 Oral Hygiene Myths you Shouldn’t Believe

3 Oral Hygiene Myths you Shouldn’t Believe

May 19, 2020

Everyone wants to take care of their teeth and enjoy a healthy, white smile. Unfortunately, there are a number of dental and oral health myths floating around that can cause you to inadvertently damage your teeth. Read on to learn the truth about three common dental myths.

  1. Myth: You only need to go to the dentist when your teeth hurt. Even if you aren’t experiencing pain in your teeth or gums, you should still see a dentist twice a year for cleanings. Regular cleanings help your dentist identify oral health issues early and correct them quickly — before they turn into painful problems.
  2. Myth: Dental anxiety isn’t real — it’s all in your head. “Dentophobia,” or “fear of the dentist,” is a very real and very common condition. According to a study published in the Dental Research Journal, about 58.8% of people suffer from some form of debilitating dental anxiety.Sedation dentistry in Plymouth Meeting, PA can help you get the treatment you need without fear.
  3. Myth: Flossing creates spaces in between your teeth. Some people believe that flossing can create spaces in between their teeth. This leads them to skip the floss when they brush in fear of losing their smile. The truth is that flossing will not create spaces between your teeth — in fact, flossing can actually keep the areas in between your teeth healthier than just brushing. When you floss, you remove bacteria and food debris nestled between your teeth. This helps you avoid cavities and decay, leading to healthier gums and fresher breath.

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