3 Tips to Cut Down on Soda Consumption

Now that 2019 has officially started, men and women across Pennsylvania are setting resolutions to improve their health and wellness in the new year. One of the best resolutions that you can make to improve your oral health is to cut back on soda consumption. Sodas and soft drinks contain a myriad of ingredients that can damage your teeth, ranging from excessive high fructose corn syrup that can degrade your teeth’s outer coatings to dyes that can stick to your enamel. Taking care of your teeth now can help enhance your regular dental appointments and avoid the need for emergency dentistry in Bala Cynwyd, PA, later down the line. Use these three tips to help reduce your soft drink consumption this year, and your teeth will thank you!

  • Start with a glass of water. Sometimes when you’re craving soda, what you’re really craving is hydration. Implement a rule that says that before you have a sip of soda, you must drink an eight ounce glass of water. You might be surprised at just how effective proper hydration is at curbing cravings!
  • Stock your fridge with sparkling water. Can’t get enough carbonation? Sparkling waters pack all the bubbles of your favorite soft drink without the calories or dye. Try a few flavors to find a new fizzy favorite!  
  • Cut down slowly. If you feel like you can’t give up soft drinks completely, limiting the amount that you drink in a day is a great place to start. Most grocery stores now carry seven and a half ounce cans in addition to the standard 12 ounce size. So, try picking up a pack of smaller sodas instead of a two liter or a 12 ounce pack to limit your temptation.

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