5 Tips to Help Kids Learn About Flossing

Just like you should brush your teeth twice a day, everyone should be flossing at least once a day — even children! Teaching kids about flossing can be a challenge, especially if they’re still learning about oral hygiene and taking care of their own needs without help from mom or dad.

At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we know that taking care of your teeth by brushing and flossing daily can help save you from needing emergency dentistry in Philadelphia later down the line — and we know that great oral health habits start early. Use our five tips to teach children all about the importance of flossing their teeth.  

  • Choose a soft dental floss

    Some dental floss can shred between the teeth, which can make flossing uncomfortable or even painful for children. Choose a dental floss with a waxy outer coating for an easier flossing experience.

  • Help your child hold the floss

    Show your child how to wrap the floss around his or her fingers. You want to grab the floss firmly but gently — if your fingers start to turn blue or purple while flossing, you’re holding the floss too tightly.

  • Give a demonstration

    Flossing can be confusing for young children. Show your child how to move the floss in-between his or her teeth, then let your little one try it for themselves!

  • Consider purchasing floss sticks

    Floss sticks are small picks with a preset amount of dental floss on them that can be quickly moved between the teeth. Floss sticks are especially handy for very young children who don’t yet have the dexterity to use standard dental floss.

  • Be a great oral health role model

    Kids want to do what mom and dad do. If you make brushing and flossing a family activity, you won’t have to fight your children when it’s time to floss!

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