5 Ways to Make Losing Teeth Less Scary for a Child

5 Ways to Make Losing Teeth Less Scary for a Child

April 3, 2020

For most kids, losing a baby tooth is a right of passage that culminates with money under their pillow and a cool story to tell friends at school. However, for some children, the idea of losing a tooth can be traumatic and terrifying. If your little one has a loose tooth and is expressing anxiety at the fear of it falling out, use these tips and tricks to make things a little less scary.

  • Keep it friendly. Your child might start losing teeth around 4 or 5 years old. It’s totally normal for kids to start asking questions about their teeth well before their first tooth gets wiggly. Keep your conversations about teeth-friendly and positive to avoid instilling fear in your child.
  • Play up the tooth fairy. The legend of the tooth fairy is a story that dates back to medieval Europe — and most kids find the magic of the tooth fairy to be exciting, even today. If your child is afraid of losing a tooth, you might want to buy a picture book about the tale of the tooth fairy and read it before bedtime. This can inject a little more magic into the idea of losing a tooth.
  • Explain things fully. Many kids have misconceptions about lost teeth. They might have heard from their classmates that losing a tooth hurts, that they will swallow their tooth, or that their teeth won’t come back. Sit your child down and explain that losing a tooth is totally natural and that their adult teeth will be in before they know it.
  • Celebrate lost teeth as a milestone. If you celebrate a lost tooth, your child will share in your excitement. Treat a lost tooth as a milestone and take your child out for ice cream or a movie to celebrate.
  • Know when to call for help. Most of the time, when a child loses a baby tooth, there’s nothing to worry about except how much money the tooth fairy will leave. However, if the child lost a tooth due to trauma (like a sports injury), you might need emergency dentistry in Philadelphia. Encourage your child to celebrate lost teeth — but also make sure they know to tell you if they lose a tooth after getting hurt.

Losing a tooth as a kid can be an exciting experience. Unfortunately, for adults, a lost tooth can mean serious dental damage. If you’ve lost an adult tooth, request emergency dentistry in Haverford, PA as soon as possible by calling Wynnewood Dental Arts at 610-642-0139.

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