Wynnewood Dentist Explains How to Avoid Cavities

woman smiling brightly1If you’re among the 90% or more of adults who’ve had at least one cavity, than you probably know how important treating tooth decay early is. As a progressive disease, tooth decay continues to eat away your tooth as time goes by. While early detection is the best treatment, preventing tooth decay offers your best chance of saving your tooth. To help you protect your smile, Wynnewood dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, explains the most common risk factors for tooth decay and how you can avoid them.
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A Guide to Natural Dental Care Products

A visit to your nearest drugstore will show you that the natural health care market is huge. From washing your hair to treating your cold, store shelves boast a wide array of products claiming to contain natural ingredients. This holds true for dental care products as well. Toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and dental floss come in all-natural or mostly-natural varieties and consumers who want to live a more natural or environmentally friendly often have a difficult time picking the good products from the questionable ones. Your Wynnewood dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, offers a few tips on making informed choices when you shop for natural dental products.
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Healthy Dental Habits to Make Your Body Well: A Quiz from Your Wynnewood Dentist

Have you heard the often used phrase, “sick and tired”? When you are sick, you may feel too tired to care about every day personal care habits including brushing and flossing your teeth. If you knew that skipping your oral care might keep you in bed longer, would you muster up enough energy to brush and floss? Wynnewood dentist Dr. DeFinnis presents a quiz on dental habits and how they might affect your health during an illness.

Healthy Habits Quiz

Try our quiz on dental habits while you’re sick to find out if you are helping yourself on a path to getting better.Read More

Philadelphia Dentist Quizzes You on Health Benefits of Pumpkins

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? The savory roasted turkey, the creamy mashed potatoes, the warm rolls with real butter…? Pumpkin pie is symbolic of Thanksgiving, and for many, it is the perfect ending for a delicious and indulgent Thanksgiving meal. When you mix pumpkin with eggs, cream, and sugar, the health benefits, dental and otherwise, are more or less cancelled out. However, pumpkin can be a hero in the culinary world when it comes to your health. Your Portsmouth dentist, Dr. DeFinnis, quizzes you on why you might want to consider adding a little more pumpkin into your regular diet.


Q1. True or false – Pumpkins are only cultivated in warm clients, and then shipped all over the world.Read More

Medications that Threaten Oral Health: Philadelphia Dentist Fills Us In

Since November is National Osteoporosis Month, articles have been appearing in dental circles about the dangers of taking a drug often prescribed for treatment. Bisphosphonate medication can cause an oral health condition called BRONJ, an osteonecrosis of the jawbone that causes destruction of the jaw. Reading about this serious oral health issue caused by medication brings to mind a question: What other medications can lead to oral health problems? Philadelphia dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, describes some medications for commonly known conditions and their threat to oral health.Read More

Wynnewood Dental Arts Offers Top 10 Toothache Causes

Top 10 lists have become a popular way to rank information: top 10 college football rankings, top 10 books on the bestsellers’ list, and top 10 travel destinations, for example. Why not have a top 10 list for toothache causes? Toothaches are not fun to think about, but if you know the causes, you can learn some ways to prevent them. Your Wynnewood dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, offers you a list of ten toothache causes.

The Top Ten List of Toothache Makers

We will flip the Top 10 list in the style of a famous late night talk show host, starting with number ten:

10. Bodily Health Conditions –  Examples of health conditions that can create tooth pain include: atypical angina, tension headache, and sinusitis

9. Injuries –  Chipped teeth, hurt gums, and jaw fractures represent several dental injuries that may lead to toothaches.

8. Tooth Fracture –  A tooth fracture,  or broken tooth, can affect the dentin or pulp, causing tooth pain.Read More

The Importance of Smiling in Wynnewood

People tend to look their best when they’re smiling, which may come as no surprise. After all, chances are that you’re smiling in all of your best pictures. The expression helps convey confidence, happiness, and success, and can also help generate positive feelings in others around you. Some people, however, may not feel very confident in their smiles, and therefore do not smile as often or as sincerely as they would otherwise. Dental blemishes, including stained, crooked, or missing teeth, can contribute to self-consciousness and consequently deprive you of the joys of smiling. To help you get the most out of your smile, Wynnewood dentist Dr. Thomas DeFinnis explains how smiling can improve your quality of life.

Smile and the World Smiles with You

The saying may be a bit clichéd, but studies show that it’s true; when you smile, others around you are more inclined to mimic the expression. As more people smile, the atmosphere lightens up and the mood becomes less stressful, giving you more reason to smile. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, experts agree that faking the act can also prove beneficial to you.Read More

Your Wynnewood Dentist Explains Why Dentists Take Blood Pressure

The Prevalence of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) in Americans

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), hypertension (blood pressure classified as 140/90 mmHg or above) is the most common primary diagnosis in the United States, affecting nearly one out of every three Americans. It is the leading cause of death in this country.

American Dental Association Recommendations

Because of the high number of hypertensive patients, the American Dental Association (ADA) advocates dentists’ involvement in the detection and management of high blood pressure. The ADA recommends that dental offices take blood pressure on all new patients Read More

Mom’s Emotional Health Can Improve Teen’s Oral health

mother and sonWhile this study is probably not news to many Wynnewood moms, the emotional health of mothers has now been linked to their children’s health at age 14. The study, completed by the Case Western Reserve’s School of Dental Medicine, found the factors most influential in determining a teenager’s oral health were those having to do with mothers.

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Cavity Prevention and Treatment in Wynnewood, PA

Last week, we discussed the dangers of allowing a cavity to go untreated. The resulting damage can include a severely decayed tooth, a dental abscess, or the loss of a tooth and the potential spread of infection to other teeth. A shocking one in five Americans suffers cavities that have yet to be addressed; however, neglecting treatment can lead to extensive, sometimes irreparable destruction. To help you avoid the unnecessary progression of tooth decay, your Wynnewood dentist Dr. Thomas DeFinnis explains the measures you can take to help prevent or treat tooth decay before it can destroy your oral health.

Preventing Tooth Decay

The most common way to prevent the onset of tooth decay is to maintain a good oral hygiene regimen. The metabolic reactions of oral bacteria introduce the acid responsible for tooth decay, as well as the consumption of naturally acidic foods and beverages. Attacking the bacteria responsible for acid production has been the focus of much oral health research. At the present time, however, the most effective prevention method is to limit the amount of acid produced and introduced to your teeth. Read More