Why You Should Never Go to Bed Without Brushing Your Teeth Part 1 of 2

We’ve all been here, it’s true. Sometimes it is way easier to crawl under the covers and sleep instead of trudge alllll the way to the bathroom just for an elbow work out. Believe us, we are well aware. It takes effort to do, especially in a half-conscious state. Still, it is just as essential as those ten extra minutes you would have had sleeping!

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Dr. DeFinnis Explains Tongue Scrapers

Visit your Wynnewood dentist at least twice a year for regular cleanings, floss at least once a day, brush twice a day, and don’t forget to scrape your tongue. Yes, you read that right: take a trip to the store, visit the health aisle, and next to the mouthwash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, you’ll see a funny looking device called a tongue scraper.Read More

Facts About Mouthwash from your Wynnewood Dentist

Therapeutic vs. Cosmetic Mouthwashes

Not all mouthwashes are the same. Some mouthwashes only temporarily cover bad breath. These mouthwashes often have a pleasant taste, but lack the ingredients to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. These superficial mouthwashes are called cosmetic mouthrinses.

Therapeutic mouthwashes can be beneficial for your oral health when used correctly. These mouthrinses include ingredients like antimicrobials to fight the bacteria that can create plaque and worsen gum disease. Additionally, these mouthwashes contain bad breath fighting substances like astringent salts and odor neutralizers. These ingredients capture bad breath and eliminate the source of foul odors. Odor neutralizers target VSC, or volatile sulfur compounds which excrete a substance that creates bad breath.
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