4 Teeth Whitening Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Everyone wants to have a gorgeous bright smile—but over time, factors like aging, drinking dark-colored beverages, and smoking can cause teeth to turn yellow or develop brown splotches. Teeth whitening from a family dentistry near Bala Cynwyd, PA, like Wynnewood Dental Arts, can help you smile with confidence again. However, we’ve noticed that there’s a large amount of misinformation floating around the web related to teeth whitening. We’re here to bust four of the most common teeth whitening myths.Read More

The Tooth Fairy Is Real! (Kind Of)

Waking up without a tooth can be scary, until you notice the five dollar bill under your pillow. (Thanks, Tooth Fairy!)

If incentivizing a child’s dental care can drastically improve their experience, why do we only do it to baby teeth? Although implementing a pay-per-brush structure in your home is highly impractical, there are ways to encourage better oral hygiene. Rewards are not always monetary; they can be emotional too. This is why Wynnewood Dental Arts has revolutionized the stigma attached to visiting a dentist. Improving a patient’s experience leads to less resistance well scheduling future appointments.
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Lighten Up Your Smile For Summer in Wynnewood, PA

With summer quickly approaching, there is so much to think about. Kids are being let out of school, families are planning trips to the beach, and the warm weather is making everyone smile. But what if your smile is not as white as you had hoped? If that’s the case, Dr. DeFinnis of Wynnewood Dental Arts is here to offer some solutions that will have your teeth looking bright white in no time.

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Winter Mouth Protection

It’s the New Year and one of your resolutions might be to stay more active. The cold winter weather can allow for fun outdoor activities. But before you head outside to play, visit Dr. DeFinnis for a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

When your body gets cold, you begin to shiver and your teeth chatter. Chattering is your body’s response to the cold temperature and its way of warming up. However, if you find yourself too cold, it’s important to go indoors and warm up as soon as possible. Excessive chattering may cause jaw aches, headaches, and tooth aches. In addition, the freezing temperatures outside may make your teeth more sensitive and painful.
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Lucky Smile

There are superstitious beliefs in lucky charms, such as rabbit’s feet, four-leaf clovers, and numbers.

You may not have ever thought of a smile as a good luck charm, yet it really does seem to bring good fortune to its bearers. People who smile often are more likely to get a promotion at work. Their general mood is about average. Apparently, they’re even lucky enough to not catch many of the viruses and bugs that go around. There are actually scientific explanations for the “good luck effect” of smiling.

The benefits of smiling are astounding. When you smile, it tells your brain that you must be happy, which transforms into a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy; smiles make you happier. It also sends positive a message to the people around you. The signal received is that you’re positive, attractive, and capable. Therefore, the “luck” of the smile tends to produce more sociability and higher earning power. Additionally, by easing stress on your body, smiling boosts your immune system.

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Do You Have White Lines on Your Teeth?

If you’re one of the many people afflicted with bright white, horizontal lines on your teeth, you may have fluorosis. While it sounds like a disease, fluorosis isn’t actually harmful. Most likely, as a child, you swallowed toothpaste that contained fluoride. (If you have young children, make sure they use unfluoridated toothpaste.) Your fluorosis stains are intrinsic, meaning they are inside your teeth. Extrensic stains, like coffee and smoking stains, can often be removed with teeth whitening. Intrinsic stains won’t respond to whitening.

However, you can whiten your teeth to see if your tooth enamel will lighten to blend with the fluorosis stains. Should whitening not produce the results you want, consider cosmetic bonding or veneers. These two cosmetic dental procedures can make your teeth consistently white and absolutely beautiful.

Call Wynnewood Dental Arts (610) 228-4452 if you have questions about fluorosis, teeth whitening, or cosmetic dental procedures.

Veneers Can Make Smiles Instantly Beautiful

Studies show that people with attractive smiles seem more intelligent, successful, and friendly — so, naturally, they’re more confident. A smile is the second feature most people notice. For better or worse, it makes a lasting impression at job interviews, first dates, and anytime you meet someone new. If you’ve never been satisfied with your teeth, porcelain veneers may be the right choice for you.

Veneers are thin, translucent shells that fit over the front surface of teeth. They are made from durable, esthetic dental porcelain and look completely natural. A skilled ceramist hand crafts each dental veneer, using Dr. DeFinnis’ design plans and the patient’s dental impressions.

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Amalgam vs. Composite Resin Fillings–What’s the Difference?

For decades, to restore cavities, people had to endure a smile riddled with metal fillings. Fortunately, you have an alternative now. Today we a natural-looking and completely metal-free filling material that’s durable – composite resin fillings.

To treat cavities, we must remove tooth decay and fill the “cavity” left behind with a safe dental material that mimics natural tooth structure. Traditionally, dentists used silver amalgam fillings, made from a combination of metals. These fillings contrast with naturally white teeth and look obvious. With amalgam fillings, when you laugh or smile, people see your dental work.

Many patients prefer composite resin fillings, or white fillings, because they match natural tooth color. Composite resin fillings require less removal of healthy, natural tooth structure, so they’re conservative. They also contain no mercury, a hazardous heavy metal present in amalgam fillings. Read More

How to Get a Bright, Hollywood Smile

Have you always wanted a bright smile like the stars of the silver screen? Dr. Thomas DeFinnis at Wynnewood Dental Arts can give you a glowing smile with just one in-office whitening session. That’s right – one visit!

Why Teeth Discolor
Typically, teeth are very white during childhood, but as we age, tooth enamel starts to thin, soak up stains, and discolor. Underneath enamel is dentin, a yellowish layer of our teeth. As tooth enamel thins, its translucency increases, which allows the yellowish dentin to show through.

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