Why You Should Never Go to Bed Without Brushing Your Teeth Part 1 of 2

We’ve all been here, it’s true. Sometimes it is way easier to crawl under the covers and sleep instead of trudge alllll the way to the bathroom just for an elbow work out. Believe us, we are well aware. It takes effort to do, especially in a half-conscious state. Still, it is just as essential as those ten extra minutes you would have had sleeping!

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Your Wynnewood Dentist Discusses How Protein Capsules Can Fight Gum Disease

Gum disease garners plenty of focus in the world of dentistry. The condition, more formally known as periodontal disease, ultimately leads to tooth loss. Lately, gum disease has been linked to serious conditions of overall health, such as heart disease, diabetes, and pre-term labor. Fortunately, scientists seem to be making exciting discoveries every day that will help with the battle against gum disease. Wynnewood dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, shares the details of a new study that proposes using protein filled capsules to alleviate periodontal disease.

 Details of the Research Study

The research report was presented at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. Steven Little, Ph.D, reported on the research in which they performed laboratory experiments on mice to come up with the early hypothesis that regrowth of diseased gum tissue was possible.Read More

The Connection Between Arthritis and Oral Health

Arthritic Pain in HandsStudies have established a link between arthritis and some oral health problems. A study published in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases links rheumatoid arthritis with higher risks of gum disease. In fact, researchers suggest those with the arthritic condition are four times more likely to have periodontal disease. An earlier study, conducted in Germany and published in the Journal of Periodontology, estimates an even higher risk of periodontal disease in subjects with rheumatoid arthritis.

Gum Disease and Knee Pain

Caused by a bacterial infection that inflames the gums, gingivitis, an early form of gum disease, can develop into periodontitis, which may cause tooth and bone loss, if left unchecked. Studies have suggested a relationship between the presence of oral bacteria that leads to gum disease, and arthritis in some areas of the body. A third study, published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, suggests the passage of bacteria from the mouth to the fluid surrounding the kneecap may contribute to knee pain in subjects with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Researchers concluded that the presence of oral bacteria transferred from the gums might worsen symptoms for those who experience arthritic knee pain.Read More