Why You Should Never Go to Bed Without Brushing Your Teeth Part 1 of 2

We’ve all been here, it’s true. Sometimes it is way easier to crawl under the covers and sleep instead of trudge alllll the way to the bathroom just for an elbow work out. Believe us, we are well aware. It takes effort to do, especially in a half-conscious state. Still, it is just as essential as those ten extra minutes you would have had sleeping!

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Wynnewood Dentist Points Out Potential Good News for Coffee Drinkers

CoffeeHow many cups of coffee do you drink every day? Approximately half of American adults enjoy a morning cup of java, and among that percentage, many drink coffee throughout the day. For those coffee drinkers that indulge in as many as four or more cups of coffee each day, a surprising side effect to chasing the caffeine dragon may have been recently uncovered. Your Wynnewood dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, explains a newly published study that connects excessive coffee drinking to a lower risk of oral/pharyngeal cancer.
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A Guide to Natural Dental Care Products

A visit to your nearest drugstore will show you that the natural health care market is huge. From washing your hair to treating your cold, store shelves boast a wide array of products claiming to contain natural ingredients. This holds true for dental care products as well. Toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and dental floss come in all-natural or mostly-natural varieties and consumers who want to live a more natural or environmentally friendly often have a difficult time picking the good products from the questionable ones. Your Wynnewood dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, offers a few tips on making informed choices when you shop for natural dental products.
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Philadelphia Dentist Quizzes You on Health Benefits of Pumpkins

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? The savory roasted turkey, the creamy mashed potatoes, the warm rolls with real butter…? Pumpkin pie is symbolic of Thanksgiving, and for many, it is the perfect ending for a delicious and indulgent Thanksgiving meal. When you mix pumpkin with eggs, cream, and sugar, the health benefits, dental and otherwise, are more or less cancelled out. However, pumpkin can be a hero in the culinary world when it comes to your health. Your Portsmouth dentist, Dr. DeFinnis, quizzes you on why you might want to consider adding a little more pumpkin into your regular diet.


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Medications that Threaten Oral Health: Philadelphia Dentist Fills Us In

Since November is National Osteoporosis Month, articles have been appearing in dental circles about the dangers of taking a drug often prescribed for treatment. Bisphosphonate medication can cause an oral health condition called BRONJ, an osteonecrosis of the jawbone that causes destruction of the jaw. Reading about this serious oral health issue caused by medication brings to mind a question: What other medications can lead to oral health problems? Philadelphia dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, describes some medications for commonly known conditions and their threat to oral health.Read More

The Importance of Smiling in Wynnewood

People tend to look their best when they’re smiling, which may come as no surprise. After all, chances are that you’re smiling in all of your best pictures. The expression helps convey confidence, happiness, and success, and can also help generate positive feelings in others around you. Some people, however, may not feel very confident in their smiles, and therefore do not smile as often or as sincerely as they would otherwise. Dental blemishes, including stained, crooked, or missing teeth, can contribute to self-consciousness and consequently deprive you of the joys of smiling. To help you get the most out of your smile, Wynnewood dentist Dr. Thomas DeFinnis explains how smiling can improve your quality of life.

Smile and the World Smiles with You

The saying may be a bit clichéd, but studies show that it’s true; when you smile, others around you are more inclined to mimic the expression. As more people smile, the atmosphere lightens up and the mood becomes less stressful, giving you more reason to smile. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, experts agree that faking the act can also prove beneficial to you.Read More