Untreated Cavities a Ticking Time Bomb?

Did you know that a recent survey by the US Centers for Disease Control reported that one and five Americans have untreated cavities? This means that 20 percent of your friends could have tooth decay that is currently rotting away their teeth. Are you the one in five with untreated dental caries? Our Wynnewood dentist, Dr. DeFinnis, will explain why untreated cavities could spell disaster for your dental health and how a quick restorative dentistry procedure could steer you back on track.

Why Untreated Cavities Pose a Threat

Tooth decay is a progressive disease. Once your teeth are infected with dental caries, your teeth will not heal themselves. Cavities require professional dental care. Without a filling, cavities will continue to penetrate deeper into your tooth structure, wreaking havoc on your teeth. Tooth decay starts by wearing away your tooth enamel and infiltrates your soft inner tooth structures.

Internally Infected Teeth and Toothache

Beneath the hard outer layer of tooth enamel is the soft layer of dentin and sensitive dental pulp. The pulp center holds your tooth’s nerves, living tissues, and blood cells. When this part of your tooth becomes infected, your tooth will send signals to your brain which translates to toothache.

Abscessed Teeth Could Lead to Tooth Loss

Once your tooth is internally infected, you run the risk of developing a dental abscess. This occurs when the infection travels down the root canals from the dental pulp and into the jawbone where the tooth connects. An abscessed tooth requires a root canal and sometimes tooth extraction, depending on the damage from infection or dental injury.

Dental Care in Wynnewood

If you would like to avoid this devastating fate of untreated cavities, contact our Wynnewood dental office. Stay tuned to next week’s blog to learn how to detect cavities and how fillings can stop the progression of tooth decay. You can schedule a dental checkup with our Wynnewood dentist, Dr. DeFinnis, by calling Wynnewood Dental Arts at 610-228-4452.

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