Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia Restores Patients’ Lovely Smiles

Dentists offer a wide variety of procedures in order to bring out the beauty of their patients’ smiles. That being said, before setting an appointment with a practicing Philadelphia dentist, it would be helpful to know about the various dental problems and corresponding solutions cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

Most cosmetic dentists offer bleaching or teeth whitening services for their patients. Bleaching involves the mixing of a whitening solution that the dentist applies to stained or discolored teeth. Tooth bonding, another cosmetic dental procedure, fills unwanted gaps between teeth and generally lasts for a good number of years before wear and tear becomes apparent.

For chipped and oddly-shaped teeth, dental crowning and veneers are the go-to procedures that restore lovely pearly whites. Dental crowning covers the problematic tooth (or teeth) with a cap. The choice of crowning material often depends on the status of the tooth. Similar to crowning, veneers composed of porcelain or plastic are used to cover the front area of deformed, discolored, and widely spaced teeth to achieve a more evenly shaped smile.

An experienced cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia—such as Dr. Thomas DeFinnis of Wynnewood Dental Arts, for instance—practices convenient in-ofic whitening procedures designed to provide faster and better results than, say, store-bought or do-it-yourself teeth whitening products. Such a dentist also uses high-quality veneers and other dental restoration materials for more advanced cases.

Meanwhile, people who have pressing dental concerns yet find themselves at a loss as to which cosmetic dental procedure they need to undergo would do well to consult a professional cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Thomas DeFinni. Such a practitioner offers consultations and suggests the right treatment designed to resolve a patient’s particular dental problems.

Flashing a great smile is not only reflective of good personal and dental hygiene but also boosts a person’s self-confidence. After all, it can be pretty unnerving to have to face the world with a set of badly stained, crooked, or chipped teeth. Under the hands of an experienced dentist, cosmetic dental treatments can help bring back one’s lustrous smile and help any patient feel great about himself.

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