Debunking 3 Myths About Dentists

The fear of dentistry is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Much of the reason behind the irrational anxiety associated with routine checkups was due to their portrayal by mass media.


The fear of dentists is similar to the fear of clowns. Similar to clowns, a dentist’s goal is to help make people feel better. We strive to bring out the best smile at every opportunity. Yes, sometimes that means we have to fill a cavity or take an X-ray, but all-in-all dentists have the best intentions for all patients.


Have no fear; Wynnewood Dental Arts is here. If you suffer from dental anxiety around Philadelphia, check out our offices to see how our Philadelphia sedation dentistry can help deal with dental stress.


Still scared? Maybe debunking three myths about dentists can help ease your mind:

MYTH #1 – Dentist visits are painful. – Nope. Not anymore. Well, we can only speak for ourselves. Our dentist, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, DMD, provides safe sedation to patients in need. He has been practicing dentistry since 1998. His modern methods are as efficient as it gets. From medications to anesthesia implementation, he prides himself on making appointments as pain-free and tolerable as possible.


MYTH #2 – Dentists use dangerous tools. – Wrong again. Don’t believe the movies and TV-shows that try to exaggerate everything. Needles and drills are not part of every procedure, and when they are involved, they are quick, safe, and minimally felt while sedated.


MYTH #3 – I am helpless during my procedure. – Incorrect. Before our staff performs any services, we clearly communicate the process and illustrate what to expect.  Dentists also will take a break from what they are doing if you signal to them that you need one. Signal to your dentist by using hand gestures or via sounds of any kind!


In conclusion, we pride ourselves on being a dental office you can trust. Our experience specializing in sedation dentistry is evident by the amount of referrals our office receives.

Wear your smile proudly. Show off those freshly polished chompers like a classic Corvette.


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