Five Dental Implant Benefits You Thought Never Existed

Five Dental Implant Benefits You Thought Never Existed

December 1, 2021

You may have heard how dental implants help replace missing teeth in your mouth if you have lost them due to injuries, infections, or other conditions. You may have shirked from the idea of getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth thinking they are just another marketing gimmick by manufacturers and promoted by dentists to enhance revenue. Your thinking may have received encouragement from the considerable investment you must make in getting tooth replacement solutions by investing in artificial teeth. However, did you consider how the excellent benefits of dental implants prove advantageous for you? If you did not, we would provide you with the five excellent benefits of dental implants you probably thought never existed.

After reading about these benefits, we are confident you will schedule an appointment with Wynnewood Dental Arts to have a tooth implant inserted in your jawbone to replace your missing tooth. Many people refrain from considering artificial tooth replacement solutions thinking they are no different from the age-old dentures that have been around for over a century, remaining steadfast and serving people with lookalike teeth and the discomfort associated with them. Unfortunately, dental implants are unlike dentures, and the excellent benefits we describe will encourage you to have them replace one or several missing teeth in your mouth.

Excellent Benefits of Dental Implants Explained

Implants Appear Natural and Function Similarly

Dental implants not only look natural, resembling the color of your outstanding teeth but also perform as your natural teeth did. You may require a couple of days initially to get accustomed and adjust to the new placement. However, you will likely not spend sufficient time getting used to the implanted artificial teeth in your mouth. In addition, the implants and the artificial tooth are virtually indistinguishable from your other teeth, making it challenging for anyone to identify them.


Implants need adjustments over time. This reality is accepted even by the American Academy of implant dentistry. However, they last for a lifetime when correctly placed by the experts like dental implants in Wynnewood, PA, who are the leading providers of dental implants in the region. So long as you take proper care of your implanted teeth brushing and flossing them as you did with your natural teeth and getting regular dental exams and cleanings, rest assured the implants remain with you for a lifetime.

Implants Stay in Your Mouth

Dentures and other oral appliances need removal at night and come with special cleaning instructions. Fortunately, dental implants embedded in your jawbone stay in your mouth with no removal required. You can brush, floss, and care for the teeth you have replaced using dental implants similar to how you cleaned your natural teeth. You do not have to make drastic changes to your oral hygiene regimen with dental implants merely remaining cautious not to allow plaque buildup to accumulate around the implanted tooth.

Eat the Foods You Love without Reservations

Please do not assume you don’t need to practice proper dental hygiene, while at the same time, don’t assume dental implants will restrict the kind of foods you can have. Dental implants impose no restrictions on you when having the foods you love. Implants render your bite natural, helping you eat virtually anything you want. When you invest in dental implants instead of other tooth replacement solutions, you can continue enjoying life without restrictions displaying a beautiful smile.

Implants Offer More Protection Than You Think

Whether you decide to replace a single tooth or consider getting permanent dentures to replace all your teeth, rest assured the implants will restore your appearance and the functionality of a complete set of teeth. Furthermore, dental implants are the only tooth replacement solution that preserves and stimulates your jawbone, helping prevent bone deterioration.

Dental implants are standalone applications that do not depend on adjacent teeth for support. Therefore the implant protects your remaining teeth because the dental crown created to fit over the implant doesn’t attach to the neighboring teeth to prevent tooth structure removal during the installation. Implants also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting from their original positions towards the vacant gaps created by the missing tooth. Missing teeth don’t just leave you with gaps in your smile but also cause various other problems to affect your oral and overall health.

If these benefits don’t convince you that dental implants are indeed advantageous, schedule an appointment with the dental facility for more inquiries on why dental implants are the best for replacing missing teeth.

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