Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening & Bleaching

August 3, 2022

Teeth whitening is favored by many people seeking a brighter and whiter smile. However, people approaching professional teeth whitening from dentist in Wynnewood, PA initially have plenty of questions for which they seek answers. Therefore, this article focuses on the frequently asked questions about this cosmetic dental procedure provided by dentists to lighten the color of the teeth by several shades.


What Are the Most Familiar Questions about Teeth Whitening?


Is Everyone Eligible for Teeth Whitening?


Anyone with healthy teeth and gums and looking to brighten their smile can benefit from teeth whitening in Wynnewood, PA, professional treatment for whitening teeth. The treatment is highly effective in removing stains from the teeth from tobacco, coffee, tea, tetracycline, and many other tooth stains. The professional whitening system will not affect existing dental work.


Does the Whitening System Function on Dentures and Veneers?


The whitening system is responsible for enhancing the natural color of the enamel. If you have restorations on your teeth like tooth-colored fillings, dentures, bonding, veneers, and clowns, the whitening system will not lighten them. Instead, it indicates that pre-existing dental work might need replacements to match the new shade achieved by the natural teeth after teeth bleaching. Dentists apply the whitening gel to the natural teeth allowing them to lighten to match the existing restorations.


Is Teeth Whitening Harmful to Your Teeth?


Studies of teeth whitening ingredients with low concentrations of 10 percent hydrogen peroxide displayed no effects on the hardness of the tooth enamel. Professional whitening treatments are safe and effective and will not cause enamel damage. Dental health professionals consider the procedure harmless.


How Many Shades Do Your Teeth Improve from the Treatment?


Teeth whitening treatments can enhance the existing color of your teeth by three to eight shades and vary between patients. The eventual results depend on the discolored teeth and whether the stains are extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains on the surface are comfortable to whiten. Unfortunately, intensely discolored teeth might require additional treatments to achieve the desired shade.


How Extended are the Results of Teeth Whitening?


The results of teeth whitening are not permanent. People exposing their teeth to pigmented foods and beverages will likely notice their teeth discoloring within a month. People limiting such foods or drinks can achieve better results lasting for over a year before requiring additional treatments.


What Happens During the Whitening Treatment?


When receiving the whitening treatment, expect the dentist to make you wear a tray with whitening ingredients covering your teeth. You can expect heat and light to accompany the whitening ingredients to accelerate the process.


Is Teeth Whitening Painful?


The teeth whitening process is entirely painless and will likely not cause any discomfort when receiving it. However, you might experience sensitivity after the treatment with pain in the gums. The side effects are temporary and subside within a few days without causing additional complications.


How Much Is Time Required to Whiten Teeth?


Most teeth whitening treatments require at least 90 minutes to leave the dental practice with brighter teeth. While the treatment itself requires 60 minutes, 30 minutes are for teeth cleaning for plaque and tartar removal and examining your teeth for tooth decay or gum disease. You receive four applications of the whitening ingredient every 15 minutes and eventually receive a fluoride treatment to reduce tooth sensitivity.


How to Make the Results Last Longer?


The best method to make the results last longer is limiting or avoiding staining foods and beverages like coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and tomato-based foods. If you must eat or drink these items, you must ensure you rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. Finally, you must also schedule regular appointments with your dentist for exams and cleanings that help remove stains from your teeth by polishing them after the cleaning procedure.


Why Prefer Professional Whitening Than Alternatives?


Professional teeth whitening near you is performed by qualified dentists or supervised by them. Dentists make every effort to ensure they don’t harm your teeth while providing instant brightening of your teeth using concentrated whitening ingredients to give you a smile you desire in one appointment. Professional whitening treatments are unlike store purchased whitening kits that take forever before noticing any results.


If you must whiten your discolored teeth, ensure that you contact Wynnewood Dental Arts to receive professional whitening today from a qualified dentist. You will express delight with the results and show off a beautiful smile to everyone around you.

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