How to Get Rid of (or Prevent) Bad Breath

We’ve all been there. You’re talking to the most attractive person you’ve ever met, staring deep into their eyes, when all of a sudden, you catch a whiff of their breath. And it’s bad. You blink and try your hardest not to show your disgust because they’re just so GOOD-LOOKING (and because you’re a nice person), but you can’t help but just want to walk away. So, you take a step back, politely excuse yourself, and go off on your merry way, hoping that the next time you see them (if there is a next time), they’ll have freshened their breath up.

But have you ever thought that maybe you’re the one with bad breath? If you have, you may want to know how to get rid of (or prevent) this conundrum. At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we offer family dentistry services in Bala Cynwyd, PA, and the surrounding areas, so we know a thing or two about bad breath (also called Halitosis). And we’re going to provide you with a few tips on how to get rid of or prevent bad breath. Here they are:


  • Brush your teeth twice a day – Let’s start with the basics. The best way to prevent bad breath, or get rid of it, is to make sure that you’re brushing your teeth for two to three minutes at least twice a day. This will get rid of plaque and food debris, making it harder for the bacteria causing bad breath to grow.
  • Try to floss once a day – Flossing also helps to remove the plaque and food debris, this time stuck in between your teeth in the hard to reach places. Removing them will help prevent bad breath.
  • Use mouthwash – You may think mouthwash is overrated, but we certainly don’t think so here at Wynnewood Dental Arts. It not only freshens your breath, but it also adds extra protection by getting rid the bad bacteria. Use it to rinse daily, and you’ll be able to stop bad breath at its source.
  • Brush your tongue – While you’re brushing your teeth, brush or scrape your tongue a few times with the toothbrush or a scraper. This gets rid of the coating that forms on your tongue, which can be a host for smelly bacteria.


All in all, it seems as though bacteria causes bad breath. To get rid of that bacteria, we advise you to use these ways to take care of your mouth. To learn more about our dental services, including emergency dentistry in Philadelphia, PA, and other local areas, give us a call at 610-228-4452.


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