How Every Parent and Sedation Dentist in Philadelphia Can Help Kids Overcome Dental Fear and Anxiety

dental-chairA trusted sedation dentist in Philadelphia like Dr. Thomas Definnis, DMD is likely to be involved in the fight against America’s fear of dentists and dental treatments. The battle against dental fear seems to have reached a stalemate, however, at least as far as young dental patients are concerned. Effective sedatives should have made dental fear and anxiety (DFA) a thing of the past, yet many kids still harbor fear and resentment toward dentists.

This prompted a multinational group of researchers to delve more deeply into DFA and why it continues to plague the current generation. They used a different kind of data—viral videos—to analyze testimonies from various patients. Around 15 percent of the videos they found were focused on children. Guess what those videos contained.

The researchers noted various negative responses such as crying, shrieking, fear, panic, uncooperative behavior, and even hatred. You’ll find several videos on YouTube that show how children react to dental treatments. Those video testimonials can certainly drive the point home about prevailing attitudes and sentiments toward dental care.

Parents also have their own roles to play in the fight against DFA. Sadly, in the one of the videos, a father jokingly told his daughter that the dentist will pull out her teeth if she won’t cooperate. Parents should therefore act accordingly and ensure their children’s safety while reassuring them about the necessity and positive outcome of every visit to the dentist.

The study concluded with the Internet, especially social media, being identified as the public information tool that can help spread word about the importance of proper dental care. This comes in lieu of viral videos that seem to put dentists in a bad light. Dentists must accordingly harness new media to assuage the public’s fears and enlighten them about the need for regular oral care.covering-hands

Meanwhile, it certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone to ask YouTube to start taking those videos down. Dental practitioners must then seek ways to inform the public of the steps being taken to make dental treatments safer, less painful, and more comfortable. Dental sedation in Philadelphia is one such solution that allows patients to experience significantly less pain during procedures.