How Long Does It Take for Yellow Teeth to Turn White?

How Long Does It Take for Yellow Teeth to Turn White?

February 1, 2023

White and bright teeth are not natural but a result of excellent dental hygiene and limited consumption of pigmented foods and beverages. As a result, your teeth are not white, but the average shade of your teeth is A 3.5. However, if you want the B1 shade of white, you have a problem that makes your teeth appear yellow instead of the desired white shade.

You may think the yellow teeth do not appear aesthetically pleasing and consider getting them whitened using different techniques to achieve your goal. However, are you aware of why your teeth have discolored? If you don’t, we suggest you determine the reasons for the yellowing of your teeth before considering any whitening procedure.

If you want to learn how soon you can restore the brightness of your teeth, you must understand the reasons for the yellowing because the discoloration determines how soon you can achieve brighter teeth and how.

Why Do Teeth Appear Yellow?

Various reasons contribute to yellow teeth. Notable among them is the lack of getting regular cleanings from your dentist in Ardmore to allow plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth to result in a yellowish appearance. Consuming unlimited staining foods and beverages also results in a similar phenomenon. Your teeth can also discolor from infections or injuries besides aging or excessive fluoride consumption during childhood, leaving spots on your teeth appearing brown or white.

If you want to understand how long it might take to achieve your goal of having whiter teeth, you must determine whether you want a brighter smile within a day or can wait for a few weeks or months to view the results. You must also consider the financial implications of whitening your teeth and decide how much you are willing to invest in your smile. All situations discussed besides your urgency to have whiter teeth determine how much time you need to show off a brighter smile.

What Options Can You Consider for Whitening Your Teeth?

The answer to the above question again depends on the money you want to spend and how soon you desire the results. If you are penny-wise and pound-foolish and do not want overnight results, you can consider using a dentist-recommended whitening toothpaste, over-the-counter whitening strips or mouth rinses, or even a whitening pen available at low prices permitting you to proceed with whitening your teeth from the comfort of your home. However, do not expect overnight results from these remedies but prepare to wait for six weeks to three months before expecting any changes.

Alternatively, if willing to invest in professional teeth whitening to achieve instant results, consider getting your teeth whitened by a dentist by investing higher sums because it is the quickest and safest method of whitening your teeth after getting them examined to determine the genuine reasons for the discoloration. Therefore the time taken to whiten your teeth will depend on your investment and how soon you want a brighter smile.

Why Is the Most Expensive Whitening Treatment Effective?

The most effective whitening treatment on the market is provided by professionally qualified dentists using a technique to bleach your teeth in the dentist’s office to deliver instant results within 90 minutes in one appointment with them.

If you decide on teeth whitening in Ardmore, PA, expect the dentist to examine your teeth to ascertain which whitening procedure best suits your needs. If you have severe discoloration on most teeth after getting a dental cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar deposits, the dentist will offer you an office teeth bleaching treatment to eliminate the stains. The remedy provided by the dentist is quick and effective, besides being painless and causing no stress.

During your examination, the dentist also checks to confirm whether the discoloration affects all your teeth or merely a couple that responds better to alternative treatments. For example, if you have a couple of infected teeth appearing yellow, the dentist recommends covering them up with bonding, veneers, or crowns to achieve your goal. However, if the yellow teeth result from the familiar staining foods and beverages, teeth whitening treatment offered by the dentist can improve their appearance within the hour, leaving you with a brighter-looking smile before leaving the dentist’s office.

As mentioned earlier, your teeth do not have a white appearance and will appear discolored or yellow even if you receive the most effective teeth whitening treatment from a dentist in Ardmore. Therefore you must try to keep your teeth appearing white by making efforts to limit or avoid staining foods and beverages, maintaining appropriate dental hygiene practices, and getting six monthly dental exams and cleanings from your dentist to ensure you don’t have accumulated plaque and tartar on your teeth that also make you susceptible to conditions like gum disease.

Wynnewood Dental Arts provides safe and effective whitening treatments in this region to deliver a beautiful smile within 90 minutes, although you might require more time if you have severe discoloration. Consult the practice today to determine the reasons for your yellow teeth and receive a therapy recommended by the dentist for optimal results.

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