How to Choose the Best Dental Filling for Your Oral Health?

How to Choose the Best Dental Filling for Your Oral Health?

July 1, 2023

If you need dental fillings for tooth decay or damage, the dentist in Wynnewood offers you different materials to choose from. While dentists will undoubtedly make recommendations, they will leave the selection to your discretion, making you wonder which dental filling is best for your oral health.

Types of Dental Fillings

Dentists offer different versions of dental fillings depending on the location of the damage sustained by your tooth and your aesthetic preferences. The fillings you can choose are gold, silver amalgam, composite resin, ceramic, and glass ionomers.

The fillers mentioned all help fill cavities, although some types are better suited for specific conditions. While you have the freedom to choose the material you desire, it is best that you allow the dentist to determine which dental filling material is best for your unique situation.

Silver amalgam and gold fillings are incredibly durable, lasting over 15 years. You can receive silver fillings in one appointment with the dentist at affordable prices, but it will require two appointments with them to have gold fillings in your teeth because they need fabrication from a dental laboratory. In addition, they are not aesthetically pleasing.

Composite resin fillings are an attractive option because matching them closely to the color of your teeth is possible. However, they are more expensive than silver amalgam and will need replacements sooner than the other. If you want a durable option with aesthetics, you can consider ceramic fillings made from porcelain if you are willing to invest more than silver amalgam. However, it is best that you allow your dentist to suggest the best filling material for your oral health instead of jumping at different choices which you feel are suitable for your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dental Filling

The dental filling materials described help fill cavities and restore teeth damaged by tooth decay or trauma. However, when trying to select the best material for your teeth, you must consider the location of the cavity in your mouth, the intensity of decay, the cost of the material, and your insurance coverage. You must also decide why you need the filling and how the filler might affect your aesthetic appearance.

For example, if you need a cavity filling on your front teeth, your dentist in Wynnewood will likely recommend composite resin fillings because they can color-match the filler to your remaining teeth to make them appear indistinguishable in your mouth. After getting your front teeth filled for a cavity, we are sure you would want to avoid displaying the filler to everyone you meet, and tooth-colored fillings are optimal for your needs.

If you have a cavity on your molars, it helps if you select options like silver amalgam or gold because the materials are durable and can withstand the forces of chewing. However, as mentioned earlier, you may not like the appearance of these fillers and may consider composite fillers for your molars to ensure they don’t impact your appearance.

Composite fillings also help restore back teeth damaged by cavities and can help fix aesthetic defects with your teeth, like minor gaps between them. You can request your dentist to close the spaces between your teeth, confident of receiving a teeth Gap filling where the dentist uses the composite resin material to close the gaps and make your smile appear aesthetically pleasing.

When considering fillers for your teeth and oral health, you must consider the longevity of the filling material, aesthetics, and costs before deciding on any specific material to safeguard your teeth.

What Are Your Best Options?

When you visit dental fillings in Wynnewood, PA, expect the dentist to offer the materials described in this article and suggest which filling material best suits your needs. Dentists are professionals in providing fillings, whether for cavities or tooth damage. In addition, they receive many patients frequently with infections and tooth damage due to injuries. Therefore, dentists always suggest the best filling material for the teeth after considering the location of the damage and cavity and your personal preferences. Consequently, the best dental filling for your oral health is one recommended by your dentist and not the choice you make because an error in choosing the appropriate material for the specific damage in your teeth will make you vulnerable to additional expenditure from frequent replacements or impact your aesthetic appearance to make you feel the dentist is the optimal professional to determine which dental filler best suits your oral health.

If you must have your teeth fixed for damage or cavities, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Wynnewood Dental Arts, providing different filling materials with suggestions on which filler best suits your oral health. Getting your dental filler from them helps restore your teeth without impacting your aesthetic appearance.

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