How to Take Care of Your Child’s Oral Health in Winter?

How to Take Care of Your Child’s Oral Health in Winter?

January 1, 2023

Winter is when the Christmas festivities arrive, bringing along susceptibility to various ailments like fever, cold, cough, and dental problems. In reality, the biting cold can increase the risks of tooth sensitivity, canker sores, cracks inside the teeth, and other issues.

Children also face similar problems, and you must ensure you care for your child’s teeth appropriately by adopting some preventive measures to help avoid dental issues and stay healthy. For example, you can try the following oral care tips to keep your child’s mouth and teeth healthier during this winter.

Best Techniques to Prevent Oral Health Problems during Winter

Winter’s cold and dry climate doesn’t merely affect the exposed skin. The weather can also affect oral health. Some dental problems worsen during winter, making it essential to prevent them before they occur. Below are some simple techniques to keep children’s oral health issues at bay.

  • Dental Visits: Your child needs regular dental visits to maintain oral health. However, the need for dental visits increases during the winter because of the cooler weather. Your child might become susceptible to various dental problems from the exposure of their teeth and gums to the harsh cold weather. Therefore a dental checkup by a pediatric dentist near you helps detect any severe issues early to provide essential treatment. Minor problems can worsen if ignored, making it necessary for you to schedule an appointment for dental checkups.

  • Keep Children Hydrated: Drinking water is not a requirement of summer alone. However, not having sufficient water decreases saliva production and dehydrates your child. Saliva helps wash away food particles and fight harmful infection-causing bacteria. Therefore get your child to drink plenty of water during winter to stave off bacteria that might damage their teeth and gums.

  • Change Brushing Techniques: Brushing teeth is essential to maintain good oral hygiene. However, in winter, you must emphasize how children must brush their teeth. Brushing twice a day helps eliminate infection-causing bacteria. Therefore you must get your child to brush twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush without using stiff bristles because it can damage the enamel layer. If your child has sensitive teeth, use toothpaste recommended by the pediatric dentist to alleviate sensitivity.

  • Children’s Gums Also Need Attention: When you take your child for pediatric exams and cleanings in Wynnewood, PA, the dentist emphasizes that children’s gums need proper attention during winter. The bacteria causing infections like fever, flu, and cold are also responsible for causing gingivitis and chronic gum infections. Therefore you shouldn’t ignore children’s symptoms of gum issues like inflammation or redness. Instead, use an antibacterial mouthwash to prevent unnecessary complications with children’s gums.

  • Protective Coverings: Using winter scarves to keep children’s faces and necks warm also helps protect their gums and teeth. You can also consider using facemasks for children because neglecting to keep these body parts warm can significantly damage the gums, jawbone, and teeth.

  • Wearing Mouth Guards: If your child is involved in sporting activity, ensure that you get them a custom-created mouthguard by scheduling regular dental visits with the pediatric dentist to prevent dental injuries that might require emergency dental services.

  • Limit Consumption of Hot Chocolate: Children love hot chocolate at any time during the year and enjoy it during the cold weather in winter. Unfortunately, children don’t realize that sugar and hot chocolate can damage teeth. Therefore the pediatric dentist suggests trying the sugar-free version of hot chocolate during winter. If children suffer from a cold or sore throat and want a soothing drink, consider giving them hot chocolate prepared in milk to ensure their teeth benefit from its calcium.

Winter is when you can enjoy the festivities with family, and children are warm by the fire. However, ensure that you care for your child’s teeth during these cooler months. It includes brushing children’s teeth, covering their faces and remaining hydrated. The preventive measures reduce the risk of dental issues when having a wonderful time. Best of all, you won’t need to start searching for emergency pediatric dentists during the winter seeking dental treatments for your child.

Wynnewood Dental Arts suggest the above tips to take care of your child’s oral health during winter. However, if you need further advice, we recommend you consult them today to receive comprehensive instructions on the above to benefit your child.

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