Oral Appliance Therapy Might Stop your Snoring (…and Improve your Marriage.)

Oral Appliance Therapy Might Stop your Snoring (…and Improve your Marriage.)

November 3, 2020

About half of all adults snore occasionally, according to the Mayo Clinic. Snoring can sometimes indicate a serious health problem but is usually just a nuisance for your partner.

What causes snoring?

The soft tissues in your mouth and throat make the snoring noise as they vibrate when you breathe. Snoring does not necessarily indicate sleep apnea, though it is a symptom.

Why do I snore?

Smoking, drinking alcohol, as well as age and weight, can contribute to snoring. Also, health problems, such as a deviated septum or hypothyroidism, can place you at higher risk for snoring. Sinus problems and enlarged oral structures may make you snore, as well.

How do I stop snoring?

When snoring is not severe, changes such as avoiding alcohol before bed or losing weight may solve the problem. However, when snoring is severe, oral appliances are an effective treatment.

Oral appliance therapy, or OAT, relies on mouth pieces, worn during sleep, to keep the airway open. Some forms of oral appliances are tongue retaining devices, or TRDs, which keep the tongue from blocking airflow. Another choice is a mandibular advancement device. This dental appliance keeps the lower jaw from sliding backward during sleep so that soft tissues at the back of the throat don’t block breathing.

How do I know if I snore?

• Excessive sleepiness during the day

• Unable to concentrate

• Restless sleep

• Sore throat

• Gasping for air, or even choking at night

• A partner or child informs you

If you’ve tried CPAP for snoring, but it failed, an oral appliance may be the best option. For more information about snoring therapy or oral appliance therapy, call Wynnewood Dental Arts 610-642-0139 to schedule an appointment today!

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