Philadelphia Sleep Dentistry and More Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety

Many children, in one way or another, have grown up with a certain fear of the dentist – whether it be a general fear of pain, fear of the strange dental tools, and many other causes of this particular phobia or anxiety. Therefore, helping patients overcome dental fear is the main mission of trusted dental practices like Wynnewood Dental Arts that offer sleep dentistry in Philadelphia. However, individuals themselves can take steps to ensure that this problem bothers them less when they are getting dental procedures done.

Philadelphia Sleep Dentistry and More Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety

Open up to your dentist.

Perhaps the most basic way of dealing with dental fear is to just open up to Dr. Thomas DeFinnis about how the procedures are making you feel. This could allow your him to rethink his methods so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable about them. In turn, you also gain the confidence boost in knowing that your he is taking your fears into consideration whenever he works on your teeth.

Just relax.

According to the PsychCentral website, there are a few relaxation techniques that you could try out, which can do wonders in relieving that stressful feeling of being in the dentist’s office:

“Breathe deeply and try to relax. Some dentists recommend practicing relaxation techniques before and during the appointment. Other dentists find that listening to music, or scheduling an appointment first thing in the morning, before the stresses of the day add up, also help patients to relax.”

Consider sleep dentistry.

Next, look into dental fear repressing or alleviation outside the mere psychological aspect. This is where services like dental sedation or sleep dentistry comes in. Essentially, this involves applying one of various anesthetics before your dental work begins, so that you are either unconscious, or in a state of heightened relaxation. This works especially well for complex or major procedures like placement of dental implants and root canals.

Take things slow.

You can also ask the dentist to go slow during your cleaning or treatment. Dentists would be more than happy to help you if it means getting your stress and anxiety levels down. Always remember that your dental fear isn’t only taking a toll on you, but it could even affect the efficiency in which the dentist can treat you.

Choose only the sedation dentist in Philadelphia, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, whom you can trust, enough to be open about the fear that’s bothering you. Dr. Thomas DeFinnis has had an education in applying sedation techniques, as well as a fair amount of experience in giving successful dental sedation services. That’s why Wynnewood Dental Arts is your best choice for your dental sedation in the Philadelphia area.

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