Preventing Dental Anxiety

Preventing Dental Anxiety

June 18, 2020

About 30 percent of people avoid visiting the dentist due to fear, anxiety, or nervousness. Skipping appointments can increase your risk and worsen signs of decay, gum disease, and other serious dental problems. Fortunately, Dr. DeFinnis offers sedative techniques to help you stay calm and prevent difficult visits.

What Is Sedation?

The American Dental Association endorses sedation to help keep patients comfortable during their dental appointment. Dr. DeFinnis offers different types of sedation, ranging from nitrous oxide to general anesthesia. Sedation dentistry can help you relax from any uncomfortable situations and phobias, including:

  1. Low pain tolerance
  2. Strong gag reflexes
  3. Fear of dental sights and sounds
  4. Trouble sitting still
  5. Embarrassment
  6. Unpleasant dental history

Why Is Dental Fear A Problem?

Anxiety can make your dental treatments seem worse than they are. Anxiety releases chemicals that put your mind and body on edge, thinking that everything is wrong. Nervousness also makes your body tense, which may prevent the anesthetic from working properly. Anxiety may cause you to move around more, making it harder for Dr. DeFinnis to operate and increasing your risk of discomfort, pain, and complications.

How To Calm Your Body

Dr. DeFinnis wants to make you feel confident and safe at your appointment. To help prepare for the visit, try these techniques:

  1. Arrive Early: Rushing to make it on time will put your body under more stress and tension. Get to the office early so you have time to sit and relax.
  2. Bring Distractions: Listening to music can help lower your blood pressure and drown out dental noise. Bring your own iPod, magazines, or portable video games to focus on what you enjoy doing.
  3. Dress Comfortably: To maximize your comfort, wear comfortable, loose clothing so you can move around freely. It’s better to avoid contact lenses and bulky jewelry because they can get in the way during treatment.
  4. Discuss Concerns: Don’t be afraid to tell Dr. DeFinnis or our staff if you have any worries or concerns. We will explain everything you need to know so you’re aware of what we’re doing in your mouth.

If you suffer from dental phobia, ask Dr. DeFinnis what sedation technique is best for your situation. Call Wynnewood Dental Arts in Wynnewood, PA, at 610-642-0139 to set up an appointment to overcome your dental fear.

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