Why Replacing Any Lost, Chipped, or Damaged Teeth is So Important

A single lost tooth, or several lost teeth, can have a serious impact on your overall life. Even if the missing teeth are in the back of your mouth and you don’t think much about them, their absence can still create problems. At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we help each one of our patients achieve a healthy mouth and smile. Our professional staff is experienced in all forms of dental procedures, and we always make sure that our patients feel safe and comfortable in our practice.

There are three reasons why it’s so important to replace lost or damaged teeth.

1. Lost teeth affect your gum line and your jaw bone.

Even if you don’t realize it right away, lost teeth can slowly affect your entire gum line, as well as your jaw bone. Losing a tooth disrupts the interplay between your bone and your teeth. Losing a tooth causes the bone to lose stimulation, which in turn creates shrinkage in the jaw bone and receding of the gum line. Eventually, this can weaken your surrounding teeth and actually cause them to fall out. If you are missing a tooth and need to find the right place for family dentistry in Bala Cynwyd, PA, then call Wynnewood Dental Arts and find out how we can help.

2. Lost teeth change your appearance.

Missing a tooth can affect your self-esteem. It can cause your face to look older than it actually is. The reduction in your jaw bone can cause your face to look shrunken, and it can also make your cheeks appear more hollow. This happens because the skin is no longer able to stabilize your lips and your cheeks. It might sound hard to believe, but it’s true. At Wynnewood Dental Arts, we can help you achieve the healthy smile that you deserve.

3. Lost teeth make life difficult.

In the beginning, a lost tooth might not seem like a big deal. However, over time it can actually impact your entire life. Missing teeth cause people to avoid certain foods which can become frustrating over time. People with missing teeth are often self-conscious about laughing or smiling, as well. This can have long-term psychological effects over time. With the help of modern dental restorations offered by Wynnewood Dental Arts, your missing teeth no longer need to be an issue. For a reliable, professional practice that offers family dentistry in Wynnewood, PA, call Wynnewood Dental Arts and schedule an appointment that will get your smile shining in no time.


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