Teeth Grinding in Wynnewood, PA

If you often clench your jaw or grind your teeth, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you may be experiencing what is known as bruxism. Bruxism is a common condition in which individuals voluntarily or involuntarily grind or gnash their teeth together. Bruxism affects children and adults alike and can occur when you’re awake or asleep.

While you can afford to ignore minor or occasional teeth grinding, severe and chronic bruxism must be treated by a qualified professional.

If you’re struggling with teeth grinding in Wynnewood, PA, and are looking for a dental practice that offers personalized treatment, contact Wynnewood Dental Arts today.

Causes and Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Some individuals unconsciously grind their teeth while awake as a response to stressful situations. Sleep bruxism, or grinding your teeth while asleep, may indicate an underlying sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea. Teeth grinding may also be triggered by misaligned teeth or bite problems.

As a dental practice, our job is to get to the root cause of your teeth grinding problem and then provide appropriate and effective intervention. Our dentist performs comprehensive evaluations to identify the type and severity of bruxism before recommending the best-suited treatment.

Some common symptoms in teeth grinding include:

  • Worn, flattened, or chipped teeth
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Jaw, neck, or facial pain and soreness
  • Dull headaches
  • Locked jaw
  • Sleep disruption
  • Worn tooth enamel

Sometimes, individuals may be unaware that they have bruxism. As a result, this problem may remain unaddressed for long periods. We encourage our valued patients to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings so our dentist near you can catch any oral health issues before they get out of hand. Our dentist is trained to identify bruxism, even in its early stages, and offer timely treatment.

Treatment for Bruxism

After a thorough evaluation, our dentist will determine the most appropriate treatment for your needs. Some of our commonly prescribed interventions for teeth grinding include:

  • Oral splints or night guards. Nightguards are similar to the protective mouthguards worn during sports. Nightguards form a soft, firm barrier between the upper and lower dental arches, thus discouraging teeth grinding.
  • Orthodontic treatment. If you have severely misaligned teeth causing you to struggle with bruxism, our dentist will recommend suitable orthodontic treatment to correct this problem.

The dentist in Wynnewood, PA may also recommend other treatments, including dental crowns, to restore damaged teeth or lifestyle changes and stress management for stress-related awake bruxism.

Is bruxism treatment getting the best of you? Would you like to overcome this harmful habit and restore your oral and overall well-being? Speak to Wynnewood Dental Arts today. We’re conveniently located at the heart of Wynnewood, PA, and have excellent teeth grinding treatments near you.

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