Dental Implants

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In addition to bridges and dentures, Dr. DeFinnis offers final restorations of dental implants. As a retention device for individual teeth or for a bridge, partial, or denture, implants are the most lifelike dental prosthetic because they mimic the root-and-crown structure of natural teeth. Surgically inserted into the jaw, implants adhere to the bone tissue before a replacement tooth or multiple-tooth prosthetic is attached. The healing process takes time, but the benefits are substantial.

Implants look like real teeth. Implants will never slip, wobble, or fall out while you’re eating and speaking.

Implants feel like real teeth. In fact, implants are nearly as strong as natural teeth because they fuse to the jawbone. You will experience improvements in the way you speak and eat, which could mean that you’ll feel more confident in social situations.

Implants are free-standing and removable. Although implants can last a lifetime with proper care for, the tooth or teeth portion of implants can be removed or replaced.

Dr. DeFinnis works with a local oral surgeon and prosthodontist for placement of dental implants. He oversees the procedure and designs the final prosthetic to be placed on the implant(s).