Dentures and Partials

dentures1Contemporary dentures look natural and feel more comfortable than previous generations. If you need replacement dentures or your first set of dentures, Dr. DeFinnis will work with you to find the perfect solution.

After your evaluation, Dr. DeFinnis can determine if you require full or partial dentures. A full set of dentures will replace all of your teeth on the top, bottom, or both arches. Patients undergo a series of examinations and treatments to ensure comfort and a true fit. Usually, dentures depend on natural suction (top) or denture cream for stability.

A partial denture replaces multiple teeth on the upper, lower, or both arches. Unlike a bridge, a partial can replace teeth that are not adjacent to one another – and partials are removable. In most cases, partials attach to neighboring teeth with clasps.

As an alternative anchor, partials and dentures can be attached to dental implants. Many patients have found that implant-secured dentures and partials are more lifelike. They experience no slippage, looseness, or chewing problems with implant-retained prosthetics.