Teach Old Dogs About Teeth Whitening

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” As it pertains to habits and lifestyle choices, it’s hard to make an “old dog” change now. We have one trick, however, that can help any dog, or human in this case, reverse the effects of bad oral hygiene, eating, and lifestyle habits. It’s called teeth whitening.

Rather than try and persuade people to brush and floss more often, quit smoking, discontinue drinking coffee and sodas, and aging (which is impossible at this time), teeth whitening offers a solution to these stain-causing acts. The reality is, teeth whitening products, such as the highly effective Zoom!® chairside whitening system, offered at our Wynnewood Dental Art office, are a lot easier to use than making a major lifestyle adjustment. Eliminating your personal pleasures isn’t necessary to have a beautiful, pearly white smile. Thanks to the natural aging process, your teeth naturally fade from white to yellow; so some staining is inevitable and out of your control.

As part of our in-office cosmetic dentistry options, Dr. Thomas J. Definnis and his team will gently apply a hydrogen-peroxide, gel-activated solution. In just one visit, this process will lighten your tooth enamel by 26 percent (about eight shades). You won’t have to change your habits or learn any other “new tricks” in order to have a brighter smile, unless you want to.

For a recommendation on the teeth whitening method that’s best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas J. Definnis at Wynnewood Dental Arts in Wynnewood, PA by calling (610) 228-4452.

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