The Benefits of Digital Scanning: Faster, More Accurate, and Painless

The Benefits of Digital Scanning: Faster, More Accurate, and Painless

May 4, 2023

Digital scanning technology has revolutionized the dental industry. It’s a fast, accurate, and convenient way for dentists to capture dental images. It’s also a great way for patients to picture their teeth and gums accurately. Digital scanning technology is used in dentistry, from diagnosis to treatment planning and even for restorative procedures.

Digital scanning technology in dentistry is very useful, allowing dentists to examine teeth and jaws more accurately and quickly than ever before.

Why is digital scanning technology superior to conventional methods?

There are many benefits of a digital scanner and iTero in Wynnewood, PA. They include ease of use, efficiency, and helping practitioners to make the best possible treatment decisions. It allows dentists to capture the entire dentition in a single scan and to see everything in great detail. It’s a safe and comfortable way to examine the entire mouth and tongue and a noninvasive and non-contact diagnostic tool. Digital scanning technology allows practitioners to easily share data with other dentists, specialists, patients, and insurance companies.

Advancements in Digital Scanning Technology dentistry

Digital scanning technology has revolutionized the world of dentistry. It’s no secret that the industry has undergone a massive transformation in recent years, partly thanks to advancements in digital scanning technology from CAD/CAM to iTero dental scanners. This has made it easier for dentists to diagnose and treat patients accurately and precisely. Digital scanning also eliminates the need for traditional x-rays, which can expose patients to radiation.

Instead, dentists can now use digital scanners to create detailed images of patients’ mouths, teeth, and gums that are far more accurate than traditional x-rays. In addition, digital scanners can detect cavities, check for gum disease, and even identify potential oral health issues before they become serious.

The Benefits of Digital Scanning in Dentistry

Digital scanning offers great benefits like:

  • Faster

Digital scanning in dentistry is faster and more accurate than traditional impression-making methods.

The dentist can also use the scanned data to identify abnormalities like lesions or cancer. By spotting these issues before they become serious, patients can get better treatment outcomes and shorter recovery times.

  • More Accurate

Digital scanning in dentistry uses advanced technology to capture a patient’s teeth’ exact shape and contours. The result is more accurate restorations.

A digital dental scanner consists of a wand-like probe that the practitioner runs along the teeth to capture digital data that is then processed into an accurate 3D model of the teeth and gingiva.

  • Painless

Unlike manual impressions that require you to open your mouth wide and hold a tray in your mouth, digital scans of your teeth and gums are painless and quick. Using a specially designed wand, your dentist takes digital scans of your mouth in seconds and displays them on a computer screen.

These scanning systems feature a specialized wand that captures the most aesthetically pleasing and functionally correct impression when gently moved around your mouth. This is an excellent way to ensure that your restorations will be a perfect fit for your teeth and gums and is a must-have in any dental office.

  • Convenient

Digital scanning in dentistry is extremely convenient and more effective than traditional impression-taking methods. The device takes a clear and highly accurate image of the patient’s teeth and soft tissues in minutes without needing messy and inconvenient traditional impression materials.

The images are stored in a digital format that dentists can send to laboratories, specialists, and insurance providers for quick processing. This is a huge time-saver for oral health professionals, who can see their patients more often and make faster restorations.

  • Improved Medical Diagnostics and Treatment

Dental digital scanning is revolutionizing the dental industry by providing improved accuracy and precision in medical diagnostics and treatment. This technology uses digital imaging to capture detailed three-dimensional images of teeth, gums, and other oral structures. This data can then be used to create a virtual 3D model of the patient’s mouth that can be used for diagnosis, treatment planning, and even surgical simulation. Digital scans are more accurate than traditional impressions taken with putty or alginate, resulting in more accurate diagnoses and improved patient treatments.


Digital scanning technology in dentistry is an innovative way to improve the accuracy of dental procedures. It is far more accurate than traditional methods, enabling dentist in Wynnewood to provide patients with improved treatments and outcomes. The advancements in digital scanning technology have made treatments faster and more accurate, leading to better patient results. Visit Wynnewood Dental Arts for more information about digital scanning and what to expect.

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