Tips from a Trusted Philadelphia Dentist: Teeth-Staining Food to Avoid

For the most part, showing confidence can be all about having a great smile. If you keep your pearly whites clean, well-aligned, and sparkly white, then walking the streets of Philly with your head held up high should be a piece of cake. Speaking of food, did you know that some of the things you eat might inadvertently be keeping you from having white teeth? Other than visiting a trusted Philadelphia dentist from an established practice like Wynnewood Dental Arts for whitening every now and then, here are some teeth-staining foods you should avoid:

7 foods that are secretly staining your teeth
Berries and Colored Drinks

Few things are as sweet and colorful as berries, but due to these qualities they could actually ruin your teeth. Berries have richly colored pigments that could get stuck on the enamel of your teeth, causing discoloration. For this reason, you should also cut down on dark liquids like coffee, red wine, and soft drinks.


While it’s known that eating too much candy is bad for the teeth because of the sugar they contain and the hardness that could chip away at your chompers, too much sweets can likewise create an aesthetic problem. Many dentists say that if the candy you’re eating leaves color on your tongue, it also does the same to your teeth.

Citrus and Sports Drinks

Taking in too much acidic foods and drinks will have an adverse reaction on your dental health, because regular contact with acid whittles away your teeth’s enamel. While this doesn’t directly lead to staining, it instead facilitates and amplifies the staining potential of other foods. You should brush your teeth or at least drink water after taking in acidic foods or beverages.

Tomato Sauce

Ashley Okwuosa writes in Women’s Health magazine on how the world’s best loved sauce blends the worst of both worlds (acid and pigments):

“Because tomatoes are highly acidic and brightly colored, tomato sauce and ketchup can cause staining and enamel erosion. The fix: Eat these foods in moderation.”

Popsicles and Ice Cream

What better way for people to enjoy Philly in the summertime than by walking around a warm town with a cool popsicle or ice cream cone in hand? Well, if you don’t want to have to visit your local Philadelphia cosmetic dentist with a toothache and yellowish teeth by autumn, do consume these cold, colored treats in moderation, because they usually have high sugar and food dye content.

Teeth discoloration doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a dental issue that develops over time, and can be difficult to remedy when it reaches a serious level. You can stave its effect off by being conscious enough with the choices you make every day, especially when it comes to food.

(Source: 7 Foods That Are Secretly Staining Your Teeth, Women’s Health)

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