Top 7 Reasons Sleep Dentistry is Right for You

Top 7 Reasons Sleep Dentistry is Right for You

August 3, 2020

How many times have you heard,

“I freak out when I go to the dentist”

“I’ve had a bad experience”

“I’m too afraid”

“It hurts too much”

Over and over again, right? By various people. Or yourself. Everyone knows someone who won’t go to the dentist, and who doesn’t complain when they do? Many dread it–many are gripped with fear at the entryway. Many even get up and run before the procedure can even begin because their anxiety is just too much for them to sit with.

What’s your story?

There are solutions to that problem. Some call it sleep dentistry and some call it sedation dentistry. We like to call it a solution.

  1. SensitivityCan you sit through a routine cleaning? Your teeth are a vulnerable and sensitive part of your body; it makes sense that dental pain is a real threat. If your teeth and gums are too sensitive, it may be hard to undergo even the simplest procedure.
  2. Low Pain ThresholdMetal instruments scraping at plague and poking your teeth is too painful an experience for some. It bridges on brutality without proper pain management. We understand. When the pain is too daunting a fear, it’s a good idea to seek a solution.
  3. InvasivenessGum gardening and tooth carpentry is happening right inside your mouth. Dentists are all in your space, possibly violating it. It is important to take action for yourself.
  4. Sounds and SmellsAre your senses on high alert at the dentist? When you become hyper aware, the antiseptic smell is doubled, triggering more anxiety. Avoid all of that and stop suffering.
  5. Hates NeedlesThey’re long and pointy and terrifying. Are they nightmarish to you–do they make your skin crawl? Any kind of oral surgery usually requires general anesthesia administered via a needle. Express your fear, and take a different route.
  6. Numb ResistanceWhen general anesthesia just doesn’t work, other options are a necessity in order to painlessly undergo oral care treatment.
  7. Physical LimitationsSome patients experience chronic or acute jaw soreness or have back or neck problems that prevent them from sitting in a dentist chair for an extended period of time. In which case, it is better to keep it short and simple.

Overall, anxiety is a large concern for a lot of people who need to go to the dentist. And putting it off for an extended amount of time will ultimately result in damage to your oral health. It is time to take action for you, and rely on a trustworthy dentist like Dr. DeFinnis with over 15 years of experience with sleep dentistry in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Call Wynnwood Dental Arts today and start the process of sleep dentistry in Upper Darby, PA! 610-642-0139.

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