Visit a Sedation Dentist in Philadelphia and Get Rid of Your Fears

Everyone knows oral care and hygiene is important. However, many people still do not visit their dentists because of fear and anxiety–which is why dentists are using dental sedation as an effective way to calm patients during their dental procedures. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Sedation is a common part of many major dental procedures, such as root canals or wisdom tooth extractions. But dentists are increasingly also offering it to people who might otherwise be too anxious to get checkups or other important care. . . Depending on the dentist, options range from a mild anti-anxiety drug taken by mouth to deep sedation in which the patient cannot be easily roused.

Sedatives are found to slow down the processes in a person’s nervous system, consequently slowing down their reactions to stimuli and lowering their awareness of it. For anxious patients, dentists worldwide employ several methods of dental sedation to calm their patients’ nerves, relax them, and make the entire experience more pleasant.

A patient’s level of sedation may differ depending on the method of sedation; some sedatives may put patients under a total state of unconsciousness, while some may simply cause the patients to relax in their chairs fully awake.

A sedation dentist in Philadelphia employs various methods. Sedatives can be administered orally as drugs and pills, or injected through IV. IV sedation causes the patient to remain awake and responsive, but in a state of deep relaxation with partial to full memory loss for the duration of the procedure.

Sedatives can also come in the form of a gas, such as laughing gas or nitrous oxide. Dentists let their patients inhale the gas, making the latter feel giddy and relaxed during the dental procedure. Furthermore, some dentists also subject some patients to deep sedation or total anesthesia, if necessary; in other words, they are put to sleep.

This type of sedation, however, isn’t very common because of the risks it can bring to one’s health if done often. With sleep dentistry in Philadelphia, patients with intense fear of visiting their dentists can now get the proper oral treatment they need without worries.

(From: Dental sedation calms patients, courts controversy, Chicago Tribune)

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