Why you should never go to bed without brushing your teeth part 2 of 2

Why you should never go to bed without brushing your teeth part 2 of 2

February 1, 2020

Have you read our last blog? Well, this is the continuation of it! Before, we discussed the importance of your enamel and how the waste from leftover bacteria can break it down. We can understand the need to go to sleep after a long day instead of taking the extra effort to brush before bed, but doing so can cause irrevocable harm to your teeth’s health, leading to the need for emergency dentistry in Wynnewood, PA. We don’t want that!

Brushing before bed is considered an extra step that patients often ignore or put off until the morning so as to get to bed earlier. However, we are here to tell you no! Don’t do it, and your teeth will thank you, we promise.

Many of us haven’t even considered brushing our teeth at night – why would we when we can just brush them in the morning? It’s easier, saves us trouble, and we can just crawl into bed without an agenda. After all, we already completed ours for the day. Right? Wrong!

Going to bed without brushing is by far one of the worst things you can do to your teeth. Without brushing, you are leaving your teeth vulnerable and your mouth bacteria-ridden. Ew. You don’t want to go to bed with that on your mind, do you?

What happens at night when you don’t brush?

Leftover plaque will harden and calcify on your teeth, making it impossible to remove with a toothbrush or floss. Your gums will then see the plaque build-up as an infection, alerting your immune system of the disturbance so it can attack it. However, by attacking the build-up, your immune system will destroy healthy tissues that hold your teeth in place, which then could make your gums begin to pull away from your teeth.

Now, this won’t happen in just one night, but if you make a habit of it, it could lead to even worse health issues down the line. Instead, put the extra effort in and brush! Taking those extra minutes can save you a lot of pain and even potentially extend your life.

But what if you’re too exhausted?

    1. Keep a toothbrush by your bed.

Toothpaste isn’t always necessary; you can do a quick, dry brush to scrape off the plaque while you’re lying in bed.

    1. Keep floss in the drawer of your nightstand.

Just reach over and grab it. You can even purchase flossing sticks to floss with one hand.

    1. Run your tongue over your teeth to check them.

If you feel a fuzzy sensation on your tongue, you didn’t do a good job. Keep checking, and after a while, you will begin to be comfortable only with the clean feeling of healthy teeth before you fall asleep.

This holiday, while you are eating sweets and delectable meals, we want to make sure you’re still keeping your teeth and dental health in mind. We also provide emergency dentistry in Philadelphia just in case! Our dentistry services is top-notch and will take care of you right away. Don’t hesitate to ask for help by contacting us at any time. We are here for you, to ensure that your teeth are ready to smile for the holidays!

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