Winter Mouth Protection

It’s the New Year and one of your resolutions might be to stay more active. The cold winter weather can allow for fun outdoor activities. But before you head outside to play, visit Dr. DeFinnis for a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

When your body gets cold, you begin to shiver and your teeth chatter. Chattering is your body’s response to the cold temperature and its way of warming up. However, if you find yourself too cold, it’s important to go indoors and warm up as soon as possible. Excessive chattering may cause jaw aches, headaches, and tooth aches. In addition, the freezing temperatures outside may make your teeth more sensitive and painful.

Soft snow may be fun to roll around in, but it’s not the only wintery precipitation. Icy weather conditions can make your winter sports very dangerous. Slipping on a patch of ice can break or knock out a tooth. Be sure to wear a mouth guard when skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, or playing ice hockey. January 15-21 is Snowmobile Safety Week, but it’s important to emphasize safety all winter long. Use this checklist to keep your body and smile safe.

  • Make sure the path is clear: Ice may cause you to turn and slide out of your planned path. Before you race to the bottom of the hill, make sure there are no trees or objects nearby that you could crash into if you happen to steer off your path.
  • Have a buddy: No matter what activity you’re doing, you should always make sure to have someone with you in case an accident occurs.
  • Slow down: Going downhill makes you go faster and pumps up your adrenaline, but it’s hard to see when everything goes by in a blur. Slow down to help stay in control and aware of your surroundings.
  • Dress appropriately: Wear layers of clothing so you can adjust to the temperature. You should also wear appropriate protective gear, like helmets, pads, and of course your mouth guard!

Visit Dr. DeFinnis to protect your smile from any winter mishaps. Contact Wynnewood Dental Arts in Wynnewood, PA, at (610) 228-4452 to schedule an appointment for your custom-fitted mouth guard.

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