Thanksgiving Nutrition

Holidays are a time for celebration, spending time with friends and family, and delicious feasts. Many people have concerns regarding the nutritional content of foods served during this season, but some traditional dishes can actually be healthy for teeth and body!

Pumpkin: This gourd-like squash is low in calories and fat, and is loaded with healthy antioxidants and vitamins A (or beta-carotene), C, and E. Pumpkin seeds are also a good source of dietary fiber, protein, and good fats that benefit heart health. The tasty seeds are also great source of iron, niacin, selenium, and zinc. Pumpkin also contains lutein, as well, which promotes eye health.

Sweet potato: This root vegetable contains high amounts of vitamin A and C, potassium, and fiber. The skin of the sweet potato is loaded with filling fiber, too.

Turkey: This traditional fall centerpiece is a healthy protein source. With the skin removed, turkey is naturally low in fat and packed with B vitamins, folic acid, zinc, and protein.  Turkey also scores low on the glycemic index scale, which makes it useful in regulating blood sugar.

Wine: Red wine contains heart-healthy antioxidants, as well as chemicals that can ward off tooth decay by preventing harmful bacteria from sticking to teeth. However, red wine is acidic and dark, so it can stain teeth. To reduce the potential for teeth staining, eat cheese before drinking wine. Oils in the cheese provide a protective coating that reduces potential for staining.

Remember to brush and floss after your Thanksgiving meal (eliminate oral bacteria before eating, and you’ll do your oral health a world of good!). If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask during your dental appointments. To schedule an appointment with Dr. DeFinnis at Wynnewood Dental Arts in Wynnewood, PA, contact us at (610) 228-4452.


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