Does Your Dentist Approve of Coffee?

Latest Buzz About Coffee

Researchers have found that coffee is actually good for you, contradicting over 19,000 previous studies about the negative side effects of coffee. Certain methods of brewing coffee, such as French press or Scandinavian boiling, which increase LDL (bad cholesterol), are not included in the study.

When brewed the American way, however, coffee has a cavity-fighting compound that also has antioxidants beneficial to overall health. Just two cups of coffee a day significantly reduce the risk of cavities, colon cancer, gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver, and Parkinson’s disease. Two cups of coffee daily also improves mood and relieves headaches.  Although coffee isn’t a method for disease and cavity prevention, it can significantly reduce the risk when combined with other preventive methods.


Trigonelline, an alkaloid chemical that is slightly bitter and gives coffee its delectable aroma, helps prevent cavities. It prevents certain bacteria from adhering to tooth enamel. The type of roast plays a huge factor in how much trigonelline your cup of joe contains. During the roasting process, trigonelline degrades into two different compounds: nicotinic acid and pyridines. The longer the coffee has been roasted, the smaller the population of trigonelline compounds that are not broken down. Decaffeinated coffee contains little trigonelline due to the chlorinated solvents used to decaffeinate the coffee.


In coffee, chromogens, which are pigmented substances, are your enamel’s archenemies. If your coffee isn’t hot, use a straw to keep the drink away from the surfaces of your teeth, and swallow promptly. When you’re done drinking your cup of coffee, swish with water and chew a stick of sugarless gum to reduce the number of chromogens that can adhere to your teeth. If your teeth are stained by coffee, tea, wine, or tobacco, ask us about teeth whitening options.

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